Review of My Fat Loss Diet

I started doing something like the V-Diet Lite about 2 weeks ago(shake in the morning and night). I think Im on the right track- though any criticism is welcome. Currently I weigh 170. I estimate I need to lose about 10 pounds or so of fat(calipers tell me Im at 13-14% bf/bodyfat scale says 18%). Basically I want to burn the fat and not lose the muscle I have.

I just started taking HOT-ROX today.

A food log for what I eat is being kept at Fitday

Counting calories is a pain in the ass and not something Ive ever done before- but it has kept me in check.
On a non-workout day I get about 1500 calories- 165g Protein, 60g~ carbs(18~ which is Fiber), 67g~ fat. A typical day looks like:

7am 2 scoops Low-Carb Metabolic Drive
10am salmon on 1 peice of double fiber bread- 1oz raw almonds
1pm 4.5oz chicken breast with 3 servings of green veggies
4pm turkey breast
6pm 1oz raw almonds
8pm 2 scoop of Low-Carb Metabolic Drive
4-6 fish oil tablets a day.
(maybe 12oz of black coffee throughout the day)

On workout days I get about 1700 calories.

Post workout: 8oz chocolate milk with halfscoop of Low-Carb Metabolic Drive (maybe switch to fruit for a cleaner carb?)

For my training I lift heavy for 3 days a week. I havent done any cardio as my calorie intake is very low. At first I did some lactate-inducing training that Christian Thibaudeau wrote

Though it doesnt feel like Im taking in enough calories to sustain lactate-inducing type of training.

Ive have a few cheat days- but nothing I haven’t bounced back from(last sat was fun!). It gets a bit tough but I’m holding up well.

Any critics/suggestions? Thanks!

NOBODY at 170 should be on the V-Diet or any modification thereof. PERIOD.

You do not need to lose any weight. Unless of course, you are a 5’ female. What you need to do is gain more lean mass. This is accomplished by your workout. I don’t want to rain on the T site, but HOT-ROX is ridiculous in your circumstance.

You are starving yourself, which in turn leaves your body in a constant state of fat storage mode.

You shouldn’t have to ‘bounce back’ from a cheat day. It is something your body needs and you should use it accordingly. 18g of fiber is marginal for daily needs, so don’t be afraid to eat more carbs that contain fiber like whole grain breads and fruits. I like to be in the 25-30g range

Thank you for your input. I realize its a pretty drastic change in calorie intake for me. While by no means do I consider myself fat- I do want to lose fat and “tighten up”. Mainly around my stomach and nipple area…the fat is very loose and ‘jiggly’- and Im a tad embarrassed by it. Im happy with the muscle mass I have now. At 5’8" I think 160# would be good ‘fighting shape’ for me- or 8% BF.

I do have a problem with overeating and this has been a good experience in keeping me in check day to day.

Ultimately though I want whats best for burning the fat quickly.

BTW this is going to be short term- maybe for another 3-4 weeks- then up the calorie intake gradually. No point in wasting 4 weeks if this isn’t going to work…

Any other suggestions?

loose and jiggly on a 170 lbs is an indicator of your serious lack of lean mass. Trust me, this is not as big of diet/fat issue as it is workout/lean mass issue. That is not to say that a tweak here or there in your macro consumption would not benefit you.

Burning fat quickly will not be accomplished on your stated plan. As I stated previously, you are telling your body to store fat with such a small caloric consumption. On your lifting days I would rec. 2500-2700 cals. On non-workout days maybe slack off 250-500 cals should you choose. Just remeber your body is non-linear in its need for calories and lean mass gain. Just because you aren’t working out that day, doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need the nutrition.

8% bf is a low number to maintain for any stretch of time. I would shoot for at least 10-12% and even this is a low number to maintain all the time if your goal is to do anything besides be totally focused on your diet and training.

In my opinion, again, this is a waste of 4 weeks. Not a complete waste, but you could work towards your goal more efficiently by eating MORE and adjusting your workout as opposed to this diet with no cardio.