Review of Biotest supplements

Hello. I am 59 and have been weight training and supplementing since my 20s. Most supplements I’ve tried have provided zero results. However, I decided to combine 3 Biotest supplements that have decidedly changed all that. I started taking Alpha Male, Rez-V and Carbolin 19. I was diagnosed low testosterone in my 30s and haven’t been able to regularly afford TRT so I thought this was a reasonable choice. Boy, what a difference! Within a couple days I noticed I was waking up with – shall we say - wood. My girlfriend, who’s 19 years younger, regularly complained that I hadn’t touched her in months (sad but true, and, if you’re in my age bracket without TRT, you’ll know it happens) knew something was happening as I joined her in the shower one morning, ready to go. She asked why the sudden change so I told her I started testosterone-boosting supplements and, once a supplement skeptic, she became a Biotest believer.
If you’re struggling in this department, I highly recommend this combination. With a monthly subscription, it’s most reasonable, and it comes with my (and my girlfriend’s) seal of approval :slight_smile: