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Review My Workout


This can be deleted if it isn’t the right section or wrong to ask here. I’ll start off with I am slowly dieting down, 24 years old 5’8 187lbs 20% body fat, and my goal is strength.

I have a shoulder impingement in both(worse in the left), I have only been lifting for about 3 years and my job is a diesel mechanic working eight hours a day. I’ve played around with different workouts SL5x5, GSLP, PTW but I’ve been using this workout I made for 4 months.

I only have 300lbs of weight, a power rack, a treadmill, a pullup bar but my basement ceiling is too low to use, no dumbells, and http://www.vigorfit.com/ which was given to me.


Strip the rack


Everything is super sets with ranges I seemingly pulled out of my ass.

Dips 3x8-12 with Zercher holds 8 secs
Barbell Rows 3x5-7 with Glute Bridges 3x8-12
RDLs 3x8-12 with Ab rollout
Reverse Grip Bench 3x8-12 with Inverted Rows 3x8-12

Wensday: Off
Thursday: Just like Monday
Saturday: Just like Tuesday


Buy more weight, then follow a more tradtional program.

If that’s not an option, I’d recommend DUP style training and building up some crazy volume.

So an upper body as could go like this:
Set 30 minutes on a timer
Overhead press some weight
Row some weight
Pick percentages of 1RM based on the amount of reps you feel like doing (example: for a highish volume day, do something like 60% for sets of 5 at the top of every other minute)
Do as many sets as possible in 30 minutes


Have you thought of trying 20 rep squats? Perhaps you can work up to squatting 300lbs for 20 reps.

As for deadlifts, you might want to consider running them in a dynamic effort type of deal. 10 sets of 3 with 1 minute of rest or something like that.

brady’s suggestions are equally valid

but seriously though, try them 20 rep squats


is there an issue with mine as to why a more traditional program would work?

Valid suggestion for the dead lift as I have been trying to figure something out until I get more weight

How might I set up for 20 two squats? I still haven’t reached 300 on my squat so some end game plan might help.

Are there any particular issues with my current plan?


Unless I missed something there’s no progression - that’s the biggest issue I could see, and it’s a biggie for sure.

You pointed out your assistance rep ranges were arbitrary - so there’s another sort-of issue, because with your limited(ish) weight you might actually do better paying more attention to assistance.

What sticks out to me is the AMRAP sets. What is the logic behind using so many? Wouldn’t it work better to pick a weight and aim to hit a rep total (say 50) before adding weight? That gives you a more quantifiable progression.


I was progressing the main lifts 1-10lbs a session with the assistance lifts being progressed separately.

Progression definitely will end if I don’t have more plates but it was supposed to be progressive overload.

The logic behind the amrap was that with the low volume I never felt like I did enough so I added those in.


@MarkKO hit the nail on the head. I don’t see much of a progression model. I recommended something DUP based because it gives you a progression model.

Also, about the AMRAPS. If you’re doing true AMRAPs on squats and deadlifts twice a week you will probably feel like poop. At least I would.


You mentioned strength as a goal, but is there a sport you plan to compete in?


Strongman at some point but not in the near future.

Could you explain what you mean by a progression model and maybe a sample DUP program?


Progression model as in, how will you continue to improve in your training. Within a few months you’ll be topped out with the weights you have.

I posted an example of upper body DUP type training. With that in mind, what other info would make things easier to understand or to program for yourself?


I don’t understand DUP as a whole lol. An explanation or an article and how I could gear that towards my specific goals would be helpful.

I’d like it to be four days if possible is all I got.


Another option would be to pick differenta in movements, and do high volume with your original big compound movements. For example.


Barbell walking lunges
work up to a top set of 8 reps, do 3 back off sets of 8 at around 80% of your top set.

Front Squat or back squat
3-5 sets of 6-15 depending on volume desired


Hang clean
Work up to a top set of 3-5 reps, do 3-5 back off sets of 3-5

Romanian deadlift
3-5 sets of 6-15 based on volume desired

Bent over row
3-5 sets of 6-15 based on volume desired


Strict press or push press
Top set of 3-5, do 3 to 5 back off sets of 3-10 reps at 60-80% of top set

Floor press
3-5 sets of 6-15 based on volume desired


DUP is a buzzword, sorry. The goal is to use time as the primary progression.
For example, if you could do 10 sets of 5 of 225 on squats in 20 minutes, try to get that down to 10 minutes. You could do that by shaving off a minute a week until you were able to perform all 10 sets in 10 minutes. Then you could increase the weight and start again at 20 minutes.
If that doesn’t help, try the T-Nation search function. Just type in DUP, I bet something will come up.


I would look at one of the one lift a day programs. Great for minimal equipment.


So something like

Squat 3-5x3
Overhead press 3-5x3
Barbell row 3-5x3

Then when I reach 5 sets I increase weight by like 5 lb

Dips 3-5x12
Rdl 3-5x12
Bench press 3-5x12
Glute bridge 3-5x12

Wednesday off

Squat 3x20
Overhead press 3x20
Row 3x20

Ab work
Loaded carries



Except you have no mention of time based progression lol.
It’s just an option, feel free to do whatever you’d like obviously. If you are at a level where you can go up by 5 lbs regularly and stay within the parameters you have, then go for it.


That was what I wasn’t understanding, not every example if DUP had time based progression. The only common denominator seemed to be varying rep schemes throughout the week.


DUP (at least I think) is daily undulating periodization. So they’re changing the rep scheme on a daily basis, hence the undulating.

I was focusing on the time aspect of manipulation and progression as it seemed like (at least for squat and deadlift) progress would become difficult relatively quickly with your equipment level.

But I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being able to squat 300 for 50, deadlift 300 for 50, and push press 300 for reps. You could just keep up the reps as they come.


This. I feel like the internet has ruined a lot of potential. Just pick up the bar and do some shit. Back.in the day people didn’t even train, they just practiced movements until they got ungodly strong and great at movements. Figure out what works for you and try everything


I don’t really program anymore, and I’ve had my best progress as of late. I have focuses and ideas, but things like frequency and daily volume are determined based on how I feel.