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Review My Supplements


I am currently a Fat Boy again. I was a Former Fat Boy, was injuried for about 1.5 years and now I am going to try to become a FFB again. If there is a good article on supplements for FBs please tell me. I am currently taking

Fish Body Oil 4 grams
Protien (both Low-Carb Grow! and Optimum Nutrition)

Was thinking about getting either HOT-ROX or Spike, since only one of them. Also, I was thinking about Surge or some of the others. What would you recommend? I have read the FFB article, but I am not there yet.

I also workout at 5am, and do cardio 4 times a week. Thanks for any advice.


You should get HOT-ROX because it's helps you lose weight but also try to go on a workout plan where you can retain some muscle while losing weight because i know from personal experience that when you lose alot of weight and lose muscle it sucks having to get the muscle back...: )


get ZMA, your body probably NEEDS it, it's not too much $ and it's GOOD for you.


Just curious about the seperate calcium supplement. I understand the benefits of calcium, but I noticed that there is a lot of it in Grow!, and if you're eating cheese, or yogurt and other dairy products, I would assume you're getting enough.

Then again, I know what can happen when I assume things.

I'll second what was said above. You might want to think about HOT-ROX, but some have suggested that you take it after you slim down a bit and get closer to your goals, to kind of give your fat loss a kick start once you seem to hit a wall with it.

I'll also second the ZMA. Among other possible benefits, it will help you sleep better (and deaper). It's also VERY cheap. Take it right before bed, at least an hour after having any calcium foods or supplements.


I'd start taking ZMA and stop taking the calcium. I'd also start taking coleous forskohli or a supplement containing it.


I hate to say it on this site, but I am not a big fan of Spike. The effect's I've felt are very mild. I haven't tried HOT-ROX. Although creatine won't directly help you get/stay lean, it is a good all around supplement. If it let's you train harder, in the end, it will help with results. Also, consider glucosomine, chondritin, msm. I don't know what type of injury you had, but I have injured shoulders and knees before and I feel it helps keep my joints healthy.


same here


thank you! I am glad that I am not the only one who feels this way. Have you tried Power Drive and if so to what effect?


I forgot, I do take creatine right now. Mix it in a protien shake after workout.

The reason I take calicum it seems to help with my nails. Yes, I am a guy, but I am tired of both hang nails and tearing my nails on simple things. This happens often, but someone told me to take some extra calicum to help that. So I have them.