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Review My Supp Plan


this is my supplement plan surrounding my workouts. please tell me what i should change, and why.

pre workout:

citrulline malate


creatine mono


Suppplements won't supplement a shitty workout plan and diet, just incase you didn't know that. I'm not big on supplements anymore, but the only ones I would go back to are Amino acids, BCAAs, creatine, whey, waxy maize starch or dextrose.

I'll give my input though. I would suggest dosing some creatine before your workout as well, maybe 1.5 hours before you lift on an empty stomache then eating about 30-45 mins after you take the creatine. It will help with ATP production and help give some extra energy for your workout.

Also, I would switch to dextrose for post workout, or a dextrose malto combination. I know that subject has been beaten to death before, but I'm pretty sure Dextrose is a faster digesting sugar and will help replenish glycogen stores post workout faster than malto alone.


Actually, they are pretty close to being identical in terms of how quickly they are digested and absorbed.

However, there may be a benefit to going with a 50:50 blend like Biotest uses since some research has shown that carbohydrate blends are digested/absorbed more quickly than the same quantity of carbs from a single source.

Regardless, I now consume my per-workout carbs immediately prior to and during training as CT recommends and find that I have better workouts and recovery.



From what I understand a combo is much better than one or the other.


any protocol to how much sugars and protein for pre, peri, and post workout?

what about ALCAR, taurine, AAKG, BA, and CM for energy/endurance/concentration?


The idea that you need to replenish glycogen as quickly as possible is total nonsense unless you're going to train again later that day. For people who aren't training again that day, drink some whey and eat cheap white bread PWO and you'll get the same results as you'd get with malto/dex/waxy maize/vitargo etc... The only difference is that white bread can't be marketed by supplement companies with bogus bro arguments.


White bread does work.

I'm partial to pop-tarts and whey/creatine mono PWO.


Just because a commodity can be marketed by a supplement company doesn't mean that one should avoid it. Maltodextrin and dextrose for $1/lb or even less from a direct manufacturer (farm-like source) is pretty damn cheap, and a lot more effective than white-bread.

And replenishing glycogen immediately post-workout will help build muscle/muscle recovery as well as help with keeping one's muscles fuller longer. Who wants to look flat all the rest of the day after lifting? Sure, some athletes who don't care about physiques might not, but this is a bodybuilding website. Filling the muscles with glycogen will pull in not only water, but many essential nutrients as well and at a much quicker rate due to an insulin spike.

The insulin spike along, IMO, is enough reason to take a fast-digesting carb after a workout although I would suggest to not only take in carbs after working out, but during and before as well.