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Review My Routine


Im relatively new to powerlifting and have been lifting weifhts on and off the last 4 years. My main goal is strength and size while burning a lil fat off. Im 5'11, 235ish.

Mon- heavy squat, heavy overhead press
Tues- heavy bench, heavy bent over rows
Wed- deadlift, barbell curls
Thurs- light squat, light overhead press
Fri- light bench, light bent over rows

This is bases on pavels 80/20 routine i just added assistance work. Would this, along with eating a clean diet and me getting enough calories be enough to achieve my goals?


Personally I would squat heavy on Monday, bench heavy on Wednesday and deadlift on Friday to have more rest between the heavy sessions. Lifting heavy, eating clean and getting enough rest should help you achieve your goals. It would be a good idea to have some specific numbers for strength, size and/or body composition so that you can track progress and make adjustments as necessary.


Totally agree with lift206. Heavy rowing the day before deadlifts is probably a poor idea. When I have done this, it has substantially affected my deadlift performance.


x2, lift206’s advice is very good.