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Review My Routine Please



I’m 42 years old. My main goal is to lose fat and maintain my strenght / muscle (I check my diet). I trained with bodyweight exercises for 1 year and I decided to go in a gym to be serious in lifting, 2 months now. With BW, I used to do full-body, I love it and I want to stay with this kind of routine.

I have an issue : I can’t do deadlift. Furthermore, I try several rep range and I prefer 6-10 reps. I say that because I know a lot of people recommends 5x5 for beginner but I feel more my muscles in a 6-10 range. Maybe later for a 5 rep range…

It’s difficult to find a routine without deadlift and in a 6-10 reps range so I try to make mine and I need your opinion :slight_smile:

Please… Don’t try to convince me to include DL for x reasons. I can’t do it and I don’t want to discuss about my health. Doctor and PT are agree for weightlifting but no DL. Same for 5x5, don’t try to convince me to try, I already tried. I prefer the 6-10 range and I think it’s important to feel the muscle and enjoy the training.

So the routine… Two workouts A & B, 3 days a week.

Workout A
3x6-10 and 1’30 for rest
Leg Press (until I learn the proper form for the back squat)
2x8-12 and 1’ for rest
Leg Curl
Face Pull
Standing Calves

Workout B
3x6-10 and 1’30 for rest
Goblet Squat (until i learn proper form for squat, later I’ll switch for front squat)
Shoulder Press
Lat Pulldown
2x8-12 and 1’ for rest
Pull Though
Wrist Roller
Seated Calves

I write “generic name” in the routine because I want to rotate exercises when it’s boring. For example, shoulder press means that I can do Arnold Press, OHP, etc… Same for Lat, I can do pullup, chinup, etc…

In my warmup, I included exercises to work my form of squat : bw squat face the wall, light Goblet Squat and another exercise but I don’t know the name in english…

I choose to include Face Pull because I have a desk job, Wrist because I think it’s very important in lifting (wrist work help me a lot with BW exercises) and Calves because it’s important to have a good calves imo.

Maybe I’m totally wrong with my program so… What’s your opinion please ? Thank you :slight_smile:


Someone ? If my routine is wrong, can you recommend me a good beginner routine for people over 35 ?


Why ask for an opinion if you won’t be convinced to into other options or rep ranges. You don’t have to do anything you dont want to do , and I don’t care what anyone says you don’t have to deadlift in the traditional sense for a program to be complete. If I didn’t compete I don’t think I would deadlift from the floor at all


I’m not convinced by my choice, I just explain why I choose this options. I’m opened to others ideas but…

I just say, in my opinion if we want to enjoy the training, we have to do what we feel better. And I feel better the muscle around 6-10 reps for the big movements. I always heard the mind-muscle connection is important… I’m wrong ?

Same for exercises, I just explain my choice.

Except this “rep detail”… What do you think of my routine ? Or do you know a good routine with no DL for an “older” beginner ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


You’re a “beginner”, so whatever you do is fine, as long as you enjoy it and do it consistently.

The 5 basic things a program should have is a push, a pull, a squat, a hip hinge, and some weighted carries.

So imo you need to add some weighted carries (the most important thing is to maintain good posture); and hopefully the pull throughs in your exercise list is a hip hinge movement. If not, google kettlebell swings for any of a gazillion videos that will show you how to do it properly.

Also, if you know how to jump rope (especially on one foot at a time), you can nix the calf stuff imo and add a conditioning/agility component to your program while killing a few birds with one exercise.


I can jump rope, I do it sometimes in the “off days”.

For weighted carries, I can’t walk in the gym between machines with dumbells in my hands and I can’t go out because it’s in floors… Can I just hold dumbells in front of the mirror ? If yes, in this case, I can substitute wrist roller with this exercise and calves with rope.

Yes I think you have a good idea :slight_smile: