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Review My Regime for Strength


ive been on a new regime (weights and diet) for about 4 weeks now. been making good gains and seem to be getting smaller but stronger. ie fat loss and muscle gain. im gonna post a basic run down of my diet and training. and i would like a critical review of it. anything no matter how small or pedantic is deinatly welcome.

training 4 times a week mostly before 9am or at 11am depending on classes.
going for 6 reps 3/4 sets and then a last set with a lower weight but as many reps as i can do.

Sunday - legs.
Step up
Leg Press
Split Squat Jumps

Wednesday - Chest/Arms
Dumbell Press
Incline Dumbell Press
Dumbell Flys
Lat Pull Down
Close Grip Bench
(recently started doing a 3 negative sets of bench press on the bar)
Tricep Extensions with a Plate (Lying on bench, elbows in tight , bringing the plate to touch the bench then lifting it.)
Bicep 21s

Thursday - Shoulder/Arms
Dumbell Shoulder Press
Front/Side Dumbell Raises
Shoulder Pull Down
Standing Flys
Bent Row
Seated Rowing (Close grip attachment on low pully, me on floor with straight legs, pull to chest using arms not back)
Upward Row
Tricep/Bicep Superset on pully machine

After both these upperbody sessions i am doing 2 sets of deadhangs, for aslong as i can to improve grip

Saturdays - Power Lifting
Clean and Press
Standing Shoulder Press (behind head and infront)
Farmer Walks
Quick DeadLifts
HIIT Rowing - 30 sec on 30 sec off for 10 mins

Thats a normal week, sometimes days mite change due to uni or i mite go in an extra day to mainly spot a mate but do some isolated excercises.

Every night before bed, 200 situps in sets of 25, and i hold an ISO Press up for aslong as i can then go to failure with press ups

Diet - Workout Day

Wake up - Promax Shake, Bowl of Porridge, 2 HOT-ROX Extreme, 2 Norateen and a multivit

Train - 2 Litres of water and a shake after

2 hours later - 2 grilled burgers plain

2 hours later - Promax shake, 2 Norateen, 2 HOT-ROX Extreme

3 hours later - Roughly 250g of grilled Chicken and salad (soon with olive oil but thats only just been suggested)

2 hours later - Promax shake with milk


Non workout day is exactly the same but no porridge in the morning.

I no ive probably made a million mistakes here… but thats why im posting it all up here, ive been asking randam questions here http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1939103&pageNo=1#1948932
but i thought i should upload a complete run down and leave it to the more knowlegeable to help me out with the complete picture.

My goals at the minute are strength and more power.
Height - 6ft
Weight 286 pounds (started at 291pounds four weeks ago :S)

in about four weeks im going rto start going for runs of about 9 minute miles once a week to build up stamina. im in training for next rugby season, got my eyes on being in “competitve condition” in Late August.

Pics can be found here http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1888991

Cheers to anyone who has had the patients to read all that and thanks for any replys


in my opinion, thats alot of exercises, yoyv go the compounds in there but also alot anciliary shit in there too. if you want strength, meybe more compound?

try: Clean and push press
BB row superset with pull-ups/chins
1 arm deads
Back Squat (heavy)
Front Squat (high rep)
(if you have the energy) deads

thats wha im doing at the moment
head banging is good for neck and traps
Prop right? tight or loose head? i was loose head at school
wales are gonna win the grandslam AGAIN !!

i can play either… like loose cuz u can fuck up the prop ur against so easyily… but tight is the hardest and i like testing myself in there. sometimes go to 12 late in a game for some crash ball.

how cud u guess i was a prop … apart from the pic? lol im the one nearest the camera. that 3 years ago thou… alot bigger now in all areas unfortunatly.

na ireland have the 6 nations. did u not see the amazing fight back against the french!!! we wud have won if murphy hadnt tryed to be fancy and kicked it away!

cheers for the reply… 1 arm deads??

also… head bangs??? that sounds painful… im asumming u dont mean to headbang as if i was in a moshpit?


yes headbang as in mosh, joke a bit herecos its really sore next day. 1 arm deads - same as dead but stand next to BB and dead lift it with 1 hand, like picking up 1 DB off the floor. i do these cos i only got 210lbs of plates and a wooden floor. good for obliqus etc

im assuming then you do 3 sets either side?

doing legs tomoz, gonna introduce farmers walks. the gym we have max dumbell is 50kg. so i am aiming to be able to carry two of those a good distance… should i do farmers walks untill failure, for a distancr or for time?

meh i headbang all the time… wat do u think of the neck band thing you can buy? worth it?


You know, if your goals are strength related, you could do a lot worse than the Westside template. However, you could also keep doing your plan, if you’re used to volume training or prefer it. Volume training will probably help you regain conditioning faster, which is probably a goal of your training now.

I would limit each training day to 5-6 exercises, not counting arm work. Leg days or powerlifting days should be limited to 5 movements owing to the much larger training stress.

Big problem with your plan is the order things are done in–example: your bent rows and seated rows are done after isolation work for your shoulders.

Fundamental rule of program design–Always put the most explosive (plyometrics, olympic lifts), most intense (near maximum), or biggest multi-joint exercises first before isolation work. In other words, unless you specifically want to “pre-fatigue” a muscle for bench pressing or overhead pressing or something, or unless you want to superset a compound exercise with an isolation exercise, do isolation work last in the training session.

I like the idea of having a powerlifting/olympic lifting/strongman day on Saturday. But if that is the case, do NOT put another leg day afterwards on sunday. Put it on wednesday/thursday.

Fundamental rule of program design–unless you are training with very low volume (<10 working repetitions in a day), you want to keep overlapping muscle groups farther away from each other in your daily schedule. Some overlap is expected and fine, but two leg days in a row is not. Nor is two bench days, or two back days in a row. Exception is if you’re doing extremely low volume work and doing it very frequently (bulgarian olympic lifter style workouts). Both ways work, but you need to change the order your days run with high volume.

Do farmers walks for distance or time. Or change your goal every 2 weeks. That works too. If you’ve got a trap bar (one of those square bars you step into and then lift) you can load those up heavier than your dumbbells go.

Thursdays–standing flyes are a chest exercise if they’re what I’m thinking of. They don’t belong on shoulder day

Saturday–if you’re going to keep the shoulder press in there, press in front of your head only please.

some of these replys relate to my other thread “low carb = Low Lift” but im trying to move everything in here lol

Thanks for all the replys so far, much appreciated guys.

there is 120 cal per 35g scoop of promax. im usually taking two scoops after training and 1 scoop anyother time.

it has a “BV” value of 104… ive heard of proteins with a much higher BV rating… should i be worried?

2.04g of carb per 35g serving
2.07g of fat per 35g serving
24.3g of protein per 35g serving

bodyactive-online.co.uk/Shopping/PdMaxiMuscle-Promax.asp thats a link to more info about the protein

i am trying to get down to about 17/18 stone and im currently 20.7 stone. so i was thinking this calorie deficit was good?

im going for my weekly shop 2moz. at the minute i have this in mind.

5 x 500g bags of chicken
2 tins of tuna in brine
bottle of extra virgin olive oil
4 bags of leafy salad
box of porridge oats
some assorted spices
couple of cloves of garlic
20 eggs
Lots of Milk
12 burgers left. will be getting another 48 next week

Which variety of milk should i get, skimmed/semi/full fat?? also should i take all the shakes with milk or some with water or all with water. i find it easily drank either way?

thats pretty much it, anybody got any suggestions?

ive noted the reply about changing the weights days around and i will be doing this… tomorrow (sunday) i will do chest instead of legs and move legs to tuesday/wednesday.

Standing flys - basically in the exact same position for bent row, with elbows at 90 degrees… then bring shoulder blades together. its kind of a back/shoulder workout!!!

think im gonna shoot for about 60g of carbs a day on workout days. the porridge has 25 per seving. and below 30 on non workout days.

the way i wrote the weights down isnt the way i do them. i usually do them in wat ever order is can in the gym, sometimes some guy is on the power rack so ill go do something else and wait for him to finish… wat order should i be doing them in? wat rep/set range should i be going for?

in august i want to be:
18 stone
bench 140kg
Box Squat 200kg
deadlift 200kg
snatch 90kg
clean and press 100kg
be able to run for 60 mins at 9 minute miles

Anyone think this is possible?



sorry guys typed some of that wrong

wana be deadlifting 240kg

the last few years ive went mad on the weights for 2 months of the off season and then for the last month i go mad on the fitness and lose about 15-20% of my strength. wat am i doing wrong there.

This is also the first time ive been lifting with anysort of planned diet. I hope this makes a big differnce to my gains.

its 00.46am, did you just get from the pub too?
yeah man, you can achive those goals if you train had and eat well
you might loose heart if you hae to count out those grams every meal. you aint bodybulding for a show in august are you? dont sweat the itybity deatails

na im thinking of this low carb diet im on for the next 4 weeks… strip off the fat.

then up the carbs a bit and start going runnign and maybe put in an individual HIIT session.

it would take me like 4 years to get into bodybuilding form… im a STRONG FAT BASTARD. lol.

im actually just home from work.
i work as a PR down Sauchhall street in glasgow!


thats shitty working hours bro.
you tried doing strongman stuff for cardio yet? sled drags, keg carrys uphill, vry fun

its not too bad if you think about it… i finish work at 12, so if i want to i still go out with my mates, but because its 12 im prob not going to drink becasue there is only 3 hours untill closing time and there would be no point as my mates will be hammered already. also means i get in free to every club in glasgow… lol

havnt tried sled drags or anything like it… im living in the middle of a built up city, so have no where to do it…

what other strongman cardio stuff is there? should id do them or go for long runs?

i need power but i also need to be able to last a full 80min match!

Also any suggestions on my shopping list… heading to the shopp in about 2 hours and i dont wanna be gettign the wrong stuff!


Why 2 arms day in a row, and lat pulldowns are for your back mainly, speaking of back, wheres your back day?

rite guys today so far… ill update this later

8.00am Wake up
8.15am 2 HOT-ROX, 2 Norateen, multi vit, Promax Shake, 27.5 g of porridge made with milk

9.00am Workout begin:

Weight 285 pounds

5x5 Bench 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 80kg, 80kg
5x5 close grip bench 50kg, 50kg, 60kg, 60kg, 60kg
5x5 Flys 15 kg dumbells
4x8 Lat Pull down - Dunno the weight, it just says 9 on the machine…
2 Iso Pressups
2 Tricep Exercises - ill describe them later not sure what u call them 40 kg dumbell and 25kg plate
1 x Drop Bench (as many reps as possible. Started at 60kg and kept dropping it by 5 kg untill i was just doing the bar)

9.45am Work out finish

10.00am 180g of Tuna in brine (Drained)

This is it so far… ill update this later.

Firt 20 mins of workout i felt good and powerful then i just drained and arms/chest got tired.


last nite i bought 300g of creapure creatine… was thinking of just taking 5g every morning like ive read on other threads on here…

does anyone think i need to do the loading cycle or just take a maintenance kinda dose everyday?

I was also reading about the protein on the same site having a BV value of 154… this sounds too good to be true as my promax is only 104…


[quote]bmitch wrote:
Why 2 arms day in a row, and lat pulldowns are for your back mainly, speaking of back, wheres your back day?[/quote]

i am going to change my orignal routine and do chest/arms… and shoulder back.

[quote]thosebananas wrote:
last nite i bought 300g of creapure creatine… was thinking of just taking 5g every morning like ive read on other threads on here…

does anyone think i need to do the loading cycle or just take a maintenance kinda dose everyday?

I was also reading about the protein on the same site having a BV value of 154… this sounds too good to be true as my promax is only 104…


Just take 5g a day before your workout

wat about days when im not working out?

Actually Creatine doesn’t have to be taken before a workout, you can take it anytime as the effects are long term. You don’t even have to take it everyday. It’s best taken with high GI carbs as that increases it’s effectiveness. That’s why most people take it in their post workout shake. Then they don’t have to have an extra insulin spike.