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Review My Plan For Cutting?



I've been on a cutting cycle now for going on a week. Doing the Total-Body Training plan published here on T-Nation. My goal is to drop 16 lbs by March 10th (~1.9 lbs / week). I am doing cardio 3x a week, lifting 3x a week and having a rest day 1x a week. Just wanted to see what else I can do to maximize my results. I'm trying to increase my non excercise activities by walking my dogs at night and just generally trying to be more active. I know I could take my HOT-ROX, listed below, and use them but I am actually pretty curious to see how much I can lose on my own determination and effort, minus the HOT-ROX. But I am always open to ideas.

I have about 1/2 a bottle of HOT-ROX, 3/4 bottle of Methoxy-7, along with Low-Carb Grow!, protein powder etc. I am following Berardi's 7 principles as I think they make a lot of sense. I mainly eat whole foods: oats, veggies (spinach, peas, carrots), cheese, olive oil, some bread, chicken, beef, salmon and tuna.

Usually weight days are the following:
10 minute warmup
50-60 minutes lifting
20 minutes medium paced walking on a hill circuit on a tread mill

Usually cardio days are the following:
25-40 minutes medium paced jog on a hill circuit on a tread mill (will be outside once spring rolls closer)

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. If I need to up cardio time, that is not a big issue, etc,etc. Hit me up with some ideas ladies and gents,


I guess I should also mention that I'm taking Surge PW.

I take it post weight lifting session and post cardio session. Is it good to take post cardio? It makes sense to but for some reason I am doubting my choice.


Is it working.

Did you lose 1-2 lbs the first week??

You have to give it some time and make individaul adjustments to any plan/ Give each change TWO weeks and reassess what is going on.


Save the Surge for JUST for weights during and after. NOT cardio. Unless its an extenisive sprint or say sled dragging session.


Well, your diet will play a bigger role in losing fat than a workout plan will. Except for maybe CW's new "lose fat without dieting."

Anyway, since you said "50-60 minutes of lifting" and didnt give us any listed excersizes... stay using compound excersizes. Also, keep a relatively low volume because of restricted calories. Therefore because of the low volume, high intensity.

Whats the diet like?


To answer one poster...

I weight in wednesday to monitor change only trying to measure weight gain / loss 1x per week.

To answer another:

Workout is called Total Body Training found here on T-Nation. Sets you up with 4 major lifts, 2 minors that you choose and rotate. Rep scheme setup as 5,8,15 can't remember after week 2 since I haven't read it in a while.

Diet - eating whole foods mainly. Salmon, Tuna and Chicken mainly for meats. Veggies are spinach, broccoli, carrots, peas, etc. Not much grain or pasta but all of it is wheat based when I eat it.

My main concern with asking this is to see if from an outside point of view whether I should include something. I agree with the if its not broke don't try to fix it routine but at the same time. Maybe it isn't quite optimal. I like to tinker.


As far as diet macros if that matters it usually breaks down to 30,30,40 (f,c,p) or some variation very close to that.


Still. Is it working?? What has the progress so far been like??


If you have the time in your schedule for 2x a day training you may want to consider lifting and cardio on the same day, which would enable you to have more actual days off for recovery. I've been doing variations on TBT for about a year and it still kicks my ass.


RIT Jared,

I'm going for explosiveness on the low rep, med rep days and speed on the high rep days.

My rest times were a little long this week 15-20 seconds longer than they should have been. I do enjoy the workouts though.

Weigh in was 2lbs less than last week at the same time. Good results so far. Just gotta keep the intensity up on the weight workouts.


I think since I've been checking into this thread that I'm going to put my weekly thoughts and also my 2 week observations in this thread. Hopefully it will give me just that much more incentive to keep on rocking.

Thoughts on Sleep:
Alas I've been averaging about 9-10 hrs on weekends but weekdays only 6-6.5 which is pretty lackluster. I need to slip in atleast another hour in to each weekday. This is entirely possible as I usually work from 6-3pm so I should be able to slip a 1 hr nap in between my 4th meal and my workouts. I also need to sleep more on my recovery days. I think I will make that a priority on those days trying to get 9 hrs.

Thoughts on Food:

So far I'm feeling pretty refreshed food wise. I was on an ok diet before but now am strictly on 2500 cals (30,30,40) on most days and 2800 (30,35,35) on weight days. Variety is pretty good and my adherence to my diet has been 93% (2 cheat meals). I did have to combine 4 meals on 4 different days to cover concerns for time ie: wait another 2 hrs to eat or goto bed and get 7 hrs sleep? I find I like to eat a fairly filling breakfast (oatmeal, banana and OJ), good portion meal at meal 2 and meal 3 and then depending on when I work out meal 4 might be a bit larger with 5 and 6 being the smallest. So far so good. We will see how things go this weekend. My gf will be in town so hopefully my diet stays pretty even.

Thoughts on workouts:

I like the Total Body Training plan. Really I do. I seem to go all out on the main excercises and then the secondaries seem to be intense but not as physically demanding as the main body excercises. Usually try to get the secondaries as more of a Time under tension type of deal while the main body excercises seem to be more explosive / dynamic. I haven't been doing much core work as of yet due to doing some form of squat, lunge, dead, bent over row etc on each day. Maybe I will incorporate a small 3 excercise circuit into my cardio days to help with this. I'll evaluate this after next week.


Would you mind explaining the difference between "speed" and "explosiveness"? Or was this a typo?


Typo on my part, maybe my brain is malfunctioning. My goal isn't time under tension, mainly moving weights at the most intense pace I can maintain with proper form.

My bad,