Review my Injured Leg Workout

So recently i had quite major surgery and have a massive scar on my groin area where they had to cut through my abdominal muscles. Since the surgery I’ve off lifting heavy weights and struggling to do any bending (squatting movement) at all let alone with any weight.

I’ve been staying away from anything which uses my core too much (under doctors orders and when i tense my stomach it bloody hurts).

So i’ve come up with this horrid leg workout. Looking for any advice for anything i could do that i’ve not thought about or any critiques etc.

Ham string curls seated (1.3m rest)
Ramping up to 2 cluster sets (6 sets of 4 reps with 10 seconds rest)

Leg extensions (1.15m rest)
Set 1 - working up the rack (6 reps until i could do 6 any more, 10 seconds rest)
Set 2 - working down the rack (6 reps from the weight i got to on set 1, 10 seconds rest)
Set 3 same as set 2.

Hamstring curl kneeling single leg machine (1.15m rest) pump reps
4 sets, rep range 20-12

Outer thigh machine 1.15m rest super slow reps
3 sets same weight 15-10 reps

Inner thigh machine (the sexy one) 1.15m rest super slow reps
3 sets same weight 15-10 reps

Seated calf raises (1m rest)
4 sets 15-10 reps (i do these on another day as well)

I tried this out on Monday and didn’t really break a sweat but my legs ache today (although that may be because I’ve been in bed for 3 weeks).

Any help trying to train my legs with all my limitations would be very welcome.

Thank you

I think you hit all the major isolation movements here bud. You want to hit the hamstrings from the top and bottom so if you have a sitting ham curl and lying ham curl - id recommend both of those. Otherwise it all looks fine as far as leg muscle development goes

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How long has it been since your surgery?

I would think you could perform the leg press without abdominal muscle involvement. But getting in and out of the leg press could be a problem.

Surgery was 4 weeks ago. It’s still pretty sore but upper body is quite easy to not engage the core where as I struggle just squatting down at home to pick something off the floor at the moment so am quite nervous about adding weight.

That’s why I’ve stayed away from the leg press, I’ll maybe see with no weight how it is.

Are step-ups out of the question?
Like onto a flat bench?
Love those.

You would have had a physiotherapist in hospital, no? What did you do with them?

What’s your overall mobility level right now? Waling independently?

The NHS said I didn’t need a physio. They said I’d be back on my feet in 2 weeks and back to normal. I’ve only had 1 follow up phone appointment with the consultant.

The NHS is good at lots of things but the follow up has been shocking. I also can’t get in to see my doctor. I’m think of of just going back to my private physio who I know is awesome.

The motion of stepping up really hurts (stairs are a right pain) but great suggestion as I do love those.

Thanks for all the ideas everyone.

I cannot overstate how much I recommend you return to seeing your private physio. Returning to activity following a lower abdominal surgery is a tricky road at the bets of times, let alone for people wanting to be bigger and stronger.

In the mean time, I think the routine youve suggested is acceptable. I would use pre-fatigue isometrics in addition to the ladder sets. This will allow you to:
A) get a higher stimulus with less load
B) maximise hypertrophy via metabolic stress

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It must be tough finding solutions in the gym - trying to prevent bellypressure from building up. Probably advisable to apply SuperSlow which you already do!

Perhaps trying to blend some of your routine sets with a really lightweight/no-weight Darden 30-10-30 cadence - for variation and greater time under tension. This with only “going through the motions” in mind, until you’ve had contact with a proper physio to guide you along the way.

In short: Lightweight/no-weight set-extenders.


Belt squat.

The way I got the belt to sit on my hips - 0 core strain. All legs.

Try it first but it worked when I went through a phase of deloading my spine

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