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Review My Cycle and Tren Quest


34yr 175,lb. very lean. looking to build solid weight.

Not an advanced user but have cycled 6x before, but never with Tren.

I have been reading up on Tren sides and I am thinking about doing a small amount to see what the effects are on my body.

50mg Tren A. EOD = 4 weeks
100mg Test E. E4D = 8 weeks
Clomid PCT

I have read up on all the Tren sides and it has me a bit nervous and would like some input from those that have 1st hand experience with Tren.

Will cutting the dosage to 50mg EOD reduce the side effects?

I have no previous heart condition or HBP. Will Tren enlarge the heart muscle?

I am 175.lb so I'm not that big, but am I wasting my time and $$ with 50mg EOD?


If you want to lesson your sides with tren, then you need to go to ED injections. It will keep your blood levels more stable thus less sides. 50mg ed is a good starting point although when I first started using tren I didnt start to see good results until the third week- as far as strength and weight gain. So imo I would suggest that you run it for an 8 week cycle. The half life of tren ace is a day and a half giving you a roller coaster ride with EOD injections.
Make sure though that you take some type of cycle assist to help with the HBP. For it is going to rise because of the tren. Also (and you may know this allready) tren is made to optimize your food intake... So the more you eat the bigger you will gain.
I know ED injections suck but it is worth it. Hope this helps you bro...


why not use test prop if ur only going 8 weeks


Week 1-8 test Propionate, 50mg ED
Week 3-6 Tren acetate, 50mg ED

That is if you want an 8 week cycle but want to restrict the tren to 4 weeks.

Personally if I wanted to run this I would go

Week 1-8 test propionate 50mg ED
Week 2-7 tren acetate 50mg ED

If you are stuck using test enanthate and set on running it for only 8 weeks then I would frontload it. If you are trying to run low test because of the tren, that is fine if you bump the tren dose to 50mg ED, although that is a pretty low mg cycle. Personally I would bump the test to at least 300-400/week total, and put the tren dose at 50mg ED.
Either way you decide to do it, if you run enanthate with it

1-8 test E
3-(6, 7 or 8 your choice)

At 175, I am not sure why you need steroids though, unless you are 5'6"