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Review My Contest Prep Cycle


Hi ,

This is my third cycle. I am 27 , 5.9 ht and 169 lbs weight .

Planning to do 5 months cycle , first 2 months I eat calorie surplus to lean mass and then carb cycle and deficit .please review my plan

Test-E 750mg wk
Tren-E 600mg wk
1-4 40mg dbol Ed
1-10 50mg proviron ED

Test-E 500mg wk
Tren-E 400mg wk
EQ 600mg wk
ECA Stack, 2 caps ED
Clenbuterol 120mg ED
9-16 50mg proviron ED

Test-P 150mg EOD
Trena 100mg EOD
Halotestin 20mg ED
Mast-P 100mg ED
Clenbuterol 120mg ED
T3 75 mg ED
50mg proviron ED


20-22 2500iu hcg
21-25 nolva 40/20/20/20
21-25 clomid 100/50/50/50


If you not at least 200 lbs after this cycle then give up. That a Advanced cycle


What kind of contest prep? I’g guessing men’s physique. Personally I would make this 2 cycles. You’ve done 2 cycles and you aren’t even 170lbs. I think you need to do a serious bulk cycle. I have competed against guys who are you height and weight shredded on stage. You might just need some more time, which is completely fine. I am in the process of a year and a half off so I can gain enough to be able to compete in classic physique.
What’s your bodyfat % looking like? you weigh 169… I sure hope you are lean. Have you ever competed before?
With the clen… I don’t suggest running it straight through at a consistent dosage. It can be cycled up and down or it can be taken for an on/off period. Clen is something that the body can get used to rather quickly. Different things work for different people. 5 days on and 2-3 days off seems to work pretty well with changing dosages.
I like the EQ dosed at 600mg. Should be plenty for your size. I don’t think you will see results from it because you aren’t giving it enough time to work. EQ takes a while. It takes me about 6-8 weeks to see anything from it. Gotta give it more time.

Ever taken T3 before? You didn’t really give insight to your diet. If you are lean and carb cycling high and low enough, you might not need it. Be careful with T3 though.


Hi @norse_str3ngth,

I think am huge for my body weight… I have 17 inch arms, 25 inch thighs and 42 inches chest…I have completed before with lesser body weight… i am competing for classic physic.
I will run clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. Have run t3 before with higher body fat .

Do you suggest to bulk up now for 16 weeks ,maintain and do contest prep next year ?

Thanks …


According to the NPC classic physique chart, at 5’9" you can be between 185 and 192 (depending on classing) at check ins. That’s pretty big for the height. Ideally, you wanna be on the higher end of the weight class so you look as big (and conditioned) as possible. At 6’1" I can be between 215 and 225. Personally, I am working to get to 240-245ish to cut down for the show. I think classic is tough because you wanna be as big as possible for your class.


Brother I’m 5ft8in and last time I checked I’m pretty small and gyms bros say I’m huge, but I left basic training weighing about 159lbs and I went in at a pretty solid 170. Now after lots of heavy lifting and eating I was a pretty decent 190, that was without gear. I am judging and pointing out that your diet and trading are lacking. Gear can’t magically make you eat and train the most productive way, it’s good to know that before hand. I would throw some before and after but I don’t really have any before lol.


Great cycle… I’m thinking about your weight, you’re not heavy, actually, you’re too small for this drugs, but… your choice. It’s great structure. MO, you can grow near 200lbs with test and bold, even compete with only this two drugs, but I would add some tren and t3/ t4 for contest prep. But man, take care, heavy cycle!