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Review my contest diet

Only those who have actually competed respond,

16weeks out currently 5’8" 220lbs 14%BF

Meal 1) 10oz chicken breast one cup oatmeal

Meal 2) 2cans of tuna +brocoli +1tbs udo’s

Meal 3) 8oz beef and a ton of mixed veggies

Meal 4) Postworkout(60g whey,+ 1 cup oatmeal I find I have to cut out liquid carbs when dieting)

meal 5) 8to10oz chicken +large salad or a ton of vegies + 1 tbs udo’s

Meal 6 14 eggwhites plus 1 omega whole egg and veggies omlete

I am doing cardio first thing in the morning 5 days a week for 30min at 5am (my body wont lose weight without cardio! I have tried!

I am training later in the around 5pm 5 days a week superseting opposing bodyparts averaging 10 sets per each

twice a week I will increase carbs during recovery adding 2* 7 oz yams instead of veggies for meal 2,3. I will use casein instead of whey on my non training days.

What does everyone think do I have a shot?at contest condition with this diet Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, this is my 2 show and I came in out of shape.

I have found that I don’t do well when my carbs drop below 25%So keep that In mind. I am also taking multivitamins, md6, and fishoil.

Come on guys I need some input!

Alot of the guys that read this forum probably haven’t competed but could still give you advice. Perhaps I’m wrong, but this is a tough question since the only way you’re going to really learn what works for YOUR body is by experimentation (experience). Buy hey man, let us know how you do, and good luck! Hope you kick ass