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Review my Bulking Plan

I’m new to this forum and was hoping to get some useful information from everyone here. My goal is to gain some muscle, my current stats are i weigh around 158 pounds, my height is 5’10, and i have a body fat around 14. My goal weight is 169 pounds, while at the same time getting my fat percentage down to 12.

Firstly, i wonder if it is possible to achieve both of these goals together. According to the stickies about nutrition on this website i require around 2750 calories in order to gain mass with a macro nutrient breakdown of something like is: 370 carbs, 170 protein, 70 fat.

The plan i will be following is maximum overload training (max OT) with HIIT cardio three days a week and a 30 minute cardio boxing session at the end of the week. Which brings me to my second question. I love enjoy having a cheat day once a week, and just to clarify a cheat day for me is a day where I’m not counting macros, and eating whatever i like. It keeps me sane and fits in to my lifestyle while also serving as a motivation to work harder the entire week.

So out of curiosity i would like to know whether i should increase my caloric intake for the entire week since i am doing a lot of cardio and do some walking as well(walking from one campus of the university to another) if i am availing a cheat day while bulking. Or should i stick with the same no of calories and macros in order to achieve my goal of gaining some mass?