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Review my Bloodwork


Total Test: 598 ng/dl
Free Test: 12 pg/ml
DHEA-Sulfate: 263.7 ug/dl
Estradiol: 36.9 pg/ml
Prostate Specific AG Serum: 0.7 ng/ml

I am 34 male and have been seriously lifting for 6 years. I am going on my first test cycle would like your thoughts on my natural test numbers.


Need lab ranges.


Numbers look very good. If you are cycling - don’t forget ancillaries like an aromatase inhibitor and cycle support products to protect liver, prostate, etc.

Also, I hope you have some good HCG and SERMs on-hand for recovery. Nolvadex is superior for gyno protection - but Clomid is better for restarting the HPTA. There are lots of posts in the bodybuilding forum here and others (Anabolic Minds / Professional Muscle)_ on how to run a proper PCT. Make sure you understand this and have everything on-hand BEFORE you cycle Test.

Also, since this is your first cycle - your androgen receptors are going to respond extremely well - so you don’t need to go crazy with the dose - maybe 350mg / week. You probably want to post in the bodybuilding or pharma forum going forward since this is for TRT users only - but running cycles is in my wheelhouse so I wanted to chime in and give some advice.