Review Diet

Hi as I am noob can you guys have a look at my diet and tell me if I need to change anything.

im 5.11 and weigh 89 kgs

First of my goal … no bulking up just replace the fat I have with muscle and have bf % arround 14 15. ( according to tanita scales im bout 21. ) and be generally fit enough to go running and swimming and stuf with out killing myself. ( dont start on the cigarets I am working on it).

Workout 3 full body workouts of ± 50 mins each ( free weights ) . note I refrain from squats and similar excercises as I do have a back issue( ever seen anyone tilted to the side at a 30 degree angle ) and 3 45 min cardio workouts with 2 tbt session worked in in each one.

the diet :

Supps 1 multi vit 6 all in omega 3 6 9 tabs a day . ( finishing some cla I got but I believe it dont do anything for me and wont be getting it again)

Bfast - 1 Bowl of all bran
Snack - normally a banana
Lucnh - 4 slices of multigrain bread filled with either tuna / chicken ham, mozzarella, egg ( no butter or any form of spread), small pot of low fat yoghurt and a fruit salad)

Snack 1.5 hour before workout 2 slices of multigrain bread with the some sort of selection as for lucnh and a piece of fruit

Dinner : Either Pasta, meat or fish and veg. or salad some fruit.

if hungry later that night may be some yoghurt.

My current protein in take averages at ± 90 to 110 grams a day and I was planning on suplementing with 1 shake a day with bfast


At that height and weight you definitely need more calories and protein EVEN if your aim is not to bulk up.

more cals ? … am on ± 2200 now the protein shake would up it by 160 allreay not counting the milk … I dont mind dropping another 4kgs … have a swimmers build so the shoulders are there even if dont do anything and just lift beer :slight_smile: just need to get rid of the spare tire …

Apex, i’m on 2700 for maintenance and currently eating 3200 for bulking. I’m 6’ and weight 77Kg, my calories should be higher now as i worked them out when i weighed 75Kg.

So yeah, 2200 is not enough. If you want to cut, start at your maintenance caloric intake and start dropping 100 calories every few weeks… and use the German Body Comp as that will shed fat like nothing.

err i just looked that up and if what I found is right I need to eat nearly 3000 cals a day for maintenance …
(15 x 89 x 2.2 )woohoo … where are the donuts :)…
btw algian had look at the body comp workout there is tomuch in there that I dont rust my self with yet (been on the floor to many times not being able to get up again because of the pain)…

but i do recognise that at my current caloric intake i might not be in starvation mode but my body is using the energy conservativly. ie hence no more weightloss after the innitial 3 kgs

Just not sure how to pick up all those extra calls without dipping into to donuts and other crap.

Head over to the Beginners forum and read Vroom’s thread “Are You a Beginner.” All your questions will be answered.

[quote]apex123 wrote:
Just not sure how to pick up all those extra calls without dipping into to donuts and other crap. [/quote]

Easiest way to get extra kcals is with healthy fats such as flax oil/seeds, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, natural peanut butter, eggs.