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Review Cycle

Just wondering what you guys thought of this quick cycle?

Wk 1 Test Prop 100mg ED
Nand. Phenyl 100mg EOD
D-bol 30mg ED
Nolv. 20mg ED

Wk 2 Same As Week 1

Wk 3 Test Prop 100mg ED
Nand. Phenyl 100mg EOD
Winstrol 50mg ED
Nolv. 20mg ED

Wk 4 Same As Week 3

Wk 5 Clomid {200,150,100,50,50,50,50}

Wk 6 Nolv. 40mg ED

Wk 7 Nolv 20mg ED if needed

Looks good but why 1 week of d-bol? I think you could get away with running it for another week or 2 alongside the winny. But some might disagree.

I like short 4 week blitz cycles myself; and contrary to what some will try to tell you they can be very effective.

Having said that, I have no experience with the NPP, so I won’t comment on that. As far as the Dbol and Stanozolol, why not run both for the 4 weeks? They are both classII AAS, but they work through different mechanisms–that is, they show synergism. Furthermore, the dosages are moderate and the duration is short, so you don’t need to worry about liver toxicity.

P.S. I’m on a cycle right now using (among other things) both Dbol and Stan.


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Thanks guys, I think I will try running both the entire length so it would look like this.

Wk 1-4

Test Prop 100mg ED
Nand Phenyl 100mg EOD
Dianabol 30mg ED
Winstrol 50mg ED
Nolv 20mg ED

Same PCT as previous post

Ya I think I might drop the d-bol to 20mg a day and the winstrol will be oral to cut down on injection pain. I think I might keep the winstrol for the last two weeks as there is already a lot going on with the test/nand/d-bol. I will post my results on the cycle but unfortunately I wont be doing it for some time I just wanted to get things sorted out and then do some more research.

On what TwistedLocal wrote:

looks good to me. I think running dbol for weeks 1,2 and winstrol weeks 3,4 is a good idea. This way you can distinguish which drug you respond better to.


What kind of sides should I be expecting on a cycle like this? I was thinking that lethargy and sleeping problems from the high test… any other obvious ones?