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Review by the Vets

First, I appreciate the time you guys are taking to review. I have been lurking and reading for several years and have finally decided to proceed with my first cycle. I really want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for possible future cycles.

27 yrs old
205 lbs
~14% bf
Lifting 10+, first 8 were for sports (specifically dirtbike racing), last two for gains.
0 aas experience


I was thinking of doing 600mg/wk for 10 weeks of either Test C or E (do you have a preference?, if so why). During the cycle, since I am prone to gyno, 20mg Nolva throughout. I already have a quarter size growth under my right nip and a dime size under the left so some sort of E control will be necessary. Both have been there since puberty but I obviously would prefer for them not to grow anymore. 1000iu hcg weekly as I do not want suppression. Thats it for the cycle. Thoughts?

For PCT:

1000iu HCG eod for days 1-16 and 100/100/50 clomid for the three weeks following.

Blood test one week after the clomid. Pins will probably be 23 gauge, 1cc, 1" throughout, primarily in quads & delts as I will have to do it myself.

Good, bad, what do you think, what would you change.


HCG is not a PCT drug–it is to be used during cycle. 250 iu three times per week.

I dont know if taking a SERM during cycle is the right call or not–someone more experienced may be able to weigh in. They have some nasty sides when taken for a long duration, but this is not applicable for everyone.

Look into insulin pins for your injections. If your gear is 200 mg/mL, you can get away with two injections 3x/week. Some prefer this, but I can undersatnd not wanting to do it with higher amounts of gear, but for your purposes, it would be fine.

Test C vs Test E pretty much just depends on what you can get your hands on. Test C is very american thing–not very available in other parts of the world it seems.

Take adex during the cycle. Have nolva for PCT.

Ok, so scratch the Nolva, in its place I will be using .5 A-dex daily.

Correct me if I am wrong here as I have read that clomid is universally accepted as THE testosterone recovery tool, as it blocks estrogen from the HPTA and stimulates the production of GNRH then initiates the production of LH, which in turn signals the testis (if not atrophied) to produce testosterone.

Sticking with the rest, just switching to adex for cycle.


Also, the HCg during days 1-16 is not necessarily the PCT, I plan on using clomid for that, but more of a way to just get back anything that may have been suppressed even with teh 1000iu weekly during the cycle.

Why do you think you will have any suppression at all if yo uare using 1000 iu weekly during cycle?

Figured I would do an update on this as I am half way through:

Went in for a Dr visit before first pin to make sure everything was ok before I proceeded. Weight was actually 214lbs at 13%bf which sounded better (found out my cheap digital scale was off).

Decided to go with 750mg/wk as my test was 250mg/ml, 250iu HCG e3d (thanks vtballa), and .25 adex ed.

Half way through now and my levels are finally topping off.

Things I have noticed:

Pretty significant strength increase
Appetite increase
Zero aggression change
Little bit of acne starting to pop up now on face and shoulders
Actually less sex drive (kinda worried about this one)

Weight is up to 229-231 dry in the morning with a nominal change in bf%. Kcal is right around 4500 with my off days around 3700 due to lower carb consumption. Going to try bumping it up a little more, maybe to 5000 and 4000, as I feel like I am platueing a little.

Overall I am pretty happy, and as long as no other sides creep up I will be ready for run #2 a few months after this one ends.

For libido, it is possible you are using too much adex…maybe try knocking it down to EOD.

Unforatunetly, it is also possible that the E2 is too HIGH (yeah E2 is a confusing bitch)…but my guess is the former…

Also, adex gives me libido issues regardless of where my E2 is at…I switched to Aromasin and even though my E2 is exactly the same on both, libido is better with aromasin…

Sorry if I confused more than helped.

Well, hell… a large part of the reason I want to do this is to get my libido back, not to get worse.

This shit’s confusing - even after months of research.

[quote]CycleNewb wrote:
Well, hell… a large part of the reason I want to do this is to get my libido back, not to get worse.

This shit’s confusing - even after months of research. [/quote]

Try years. I originally wanted to try when I was 18-19 but luckily got talked out of it. It is like everything else, there are a few iron-clad theories, but for the most part the advice changes every year and with each person you talk to.

Thanks VT, I will try playing with the adex dosage a little. I would still rather have a lower sex drive than have my gyno go crazy again though.

You could always just pay to get your E2 tested so you have no doubts…privatemdlabs offers it and it will be ready in a couple days…