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Review: Blue Heat & Hot Pink

Last week I ordered a bottle of Hot pink and Blue heat from elitefts.com.

Tried em both. One on each arm.
Very dissapointed. I noticed a mild warming effect with the hot pink. With the blue heat, not much either. Although slightly more effective. I could get a better effect from icy hot.

Curious to know what others have thought with their use.

Think next time I will try the equiblock, or DSMO or DMSO or tiger balm.

Also got the wrong shirt with my order :frowning:

make sure you shake that shit up.

I love my blue heat, it works well.

I didn’t notice much difference from the blue to the pink but both were hot and a LOT cheaper than icyhot.

Hot pink smells HORRIBLE.
I noticed that to be effective you must use A LOT. Not a little, not enough, A LOT. You need to use so much that it’s hard to rub in and even after a minute it still is greasy. This works for me, can’t say for anyone else.

I go to the saddle and tack store and buy “Bigeloil”, it’s made for horses, but I like it too.

Yes with linaments etc shake them and be liberal in your use.