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Review After 8 Wks Anavar 30mg/Day

Hi, thanks to the guys who have helped me out so far. #niksamaras #AnytimeJake and ofc #cycobushmaster !

I am soon done with my first 8 weeks on anavar 30 mg a day, ( for those of you who have read my previous post you know i do sports and i want some muscle gains but mostly strength! )

now after 6 and a half week i am stronger than ever, added 25 kgs on my 10 reppers in bench press and squats, my arms are thicker and stronger. i have gained some muscle, but maybe not more than 1 kg more than i would do without the anavar.

I have no problem with my boner or sexlife, my girlfriend is getting her daily treatment so thats nice. No problem with sleeping either.

i would do bloodwork and test my testosterone levels after my cycle. i would give you guys an update then.

question: when should i do a test of my testosterone production and bloodwork? should i wait some days?

question, how long do i have to wait before my next cycle , 6 weeks enough?

be careful, adding this much weight on your lifts is bad for unprepared ligaments and tendons