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Review 1st Blood Test (12 wks in), Will Update 2nd Test on Trough

How do these numbers compare to everyone else’s? A bit high? This blood test was done exactly 48 hours post injection. Will do one more test right before the next injection on day 7. Might switch to 2x weekly of 50 mg.
I inject 100 mg once weekly, no AI, no HCG, no symptoms of high E2

Total T - 42.8 (8.4 - 28.8) nmol/L (1233 ng/dl)
Free T - 1019 (196 - 636) pmol/L

Based on these number can we guess SHGB to be around 38?
They wont do bloods for SHGB or E2 in Canada.

I could have swore I read Canada got the sen E2 test just last year. Maybe its where you live or your doc is lying to you.

As for your bloods. I would keep and eye on your HCT. Free T being out of range on the high side for too long can really thicken your blood. HCT over 52-53% can raise your blood pressure. Most doc’s will pull your script if you let it get over 54%.
Donating blood will allow you to run your Free T above range for a while longer but in time you will crash your ferritin from too many blood donations too close together.

If you truely are only doing 100mg/wk those numbers are really high I would guess your SHGB between 12-18.

I’m curious what the numbers will look like on day 7. Based on a calculator online, my SHGB should be 38? I don’t feel the lows on a weekly shot that low shgb guys feel. I feel the same from day 1 to day 7.

I don’t feel them either and my SHGB runs between 22-29

What’s your protocol?
If I put my numbers in this calculator I get 38. Try with your numbers and lets see if it’s accurate.


That calculator is to cal your Free & Bioavailable Testosterone from Al+ SHGB+ TT
not you SHGB.
I have never heard of an SHGB calculator.

You can use it in reverse if you know your TT and FT. In the TT field put your TT and then in the SHGB imput a number until the free testosterone showing is what you have on your blood test.

What’s your TT and FT from your last blood work? I’ll put it in and show you what I get for your SHGB and we can see how accurate it is.

I don’t think that website works that way. Good luck heres some of my TRT numbers.

So I was right. The reverse calculation is pretty spot on.

If your albumin is 4.5, then it gives exactly 33 ng/dl for your free test

My Albumin is on my blood test posted (4.1) but I don’t think it effects the calculation very much.
Any way you wanted input on your blood tests or or were you just posting it to have a record?

I was just guessing based on this that my shgb is 38. Would that warrant twice weekly injections? I guess it’s neither hi, nor law, right?

There’s no way for anyone to know what will work for you, but we can narrow it down. I personally believes it will be twice weekly, remember TRT will lower SHBG a little. I predict SHBG will find a new range between 25-30 hovering around midrange.

Do you think twice weekly injections of 50 mg will cut those totals exactly in half? So TT like 21.4, and FT like 510?

There’s no way I could know, dosing isn’t linear. You don’t just cut your dosage in half and end up with half the amount of testosterone.

I cut 20% of my dose and ended up with half the total testosterone.

You did test 2 days after injection . Where testosterone would be highest. Like you said do another test at trough. Of you feel good at 100 abs hct looks good you should stay at 100. Why inject more often. If hct a problem you can lower to 90 and the peak will be less.

What I meant by more often, is to do 2x @50 mg a week instead of 1x @100 mg a week. Everything seems ok, just no crazy libido.

Dr. is ignorant or lying to you for whatever reason…
Both my GP and my Uro have requested both: