Reversing hair loss

I would like to know what, if any, supplements, can be used to reverse premature hair loss in the interest of some of my friends. I have heard that use of Saw Palmetto extract can block the conversion of Testosterone to DHT, and that NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) doubles the rate of growth at the hair follicle!? I have used NAC for its antioxidant propeties before but had not heard of this. Can anyone help?


It’s probably the most effective thing out there. And it isn’t cheap!

I’ve heard of the Saw Palmetto thing, but don’t know enough about it and if it really works. The t-mag crew should write an article about this.

I know TC recommends that any guy over 35 take Propecia not only to prevent hairloss, but it’s also good for the prostate.

I agree 100% Nate. I started taking 1/4 tabs of Proscar about five weeks ago, and have noticed a HUGE differance already. Not only has hair loss slowed, but I can tell that it’s thickening, especially the temples, which they say it say it may NOT effect. I started taking it mainly because I began using Androsol, and was a bit worried about side effects, and even though I never saw any acceleration of loss from the Androsol, I am totally glad that I did. Best of all, insurance covered the Proscar, so the cost is about $5.00 a month! Thats one HELL of a deal!

I just ordered some Proscar online because I’m planning to start several 2on/4off finasol cycles. My hairline has receded slightly over the last few years and I am worried that the TA will accelerate it. Since Proscar is kind of expensive, I was thinking of only taking it while I’m “on.” Will this be effective or do I need to use Proscar all the time to prevent hair loss?

I really don’t think proscar/propecia will work if you are using trenbolone. Finasteride works by inhibiting one of the 5-AR enyzmes, which inturn inhibits most DHT formation. ALL androgens possess the ability to bind to the androgen receptor in the scalp which is what causes the hair loss. DHT is more potent as an androgen than an anabolic and binds easily to these receptors. Trenbolone is also a very potent androgen and that is why it causes hairloss not because it is reduced by 5-AR, which it can not. Your best bet is to use one of the prescription anti-androgens which is used as a shampoo and use it every day.

Mark, do you know the approximate price for Proscar and how many tabs you get? Did you get a pill cutter to divide the tabs? I was thinking of doing that (and possibly having it covered by insurance) to help cut costs.

I just started taking Propecia to prevent and hopefully regrow some of the hair I’ve lost. I should have started taking it two years ago when I noticed that my hairline was beginning to recede. It certainly is expensive, and was wondering if I should try the Proscar instead.

I think before insurance, it was about $90 for 30 x 5mg tabs, after my insurance kicked in, it was only $20. I bought a pill cutter, $5, and splitting them is a piece of cake. 30 tabs will last FOUR months.

John U. Where would you find a anti-angrogen shampo. I am planning a prolonged cycle of finaplix and need the protection.

Try the minoxidil website. Just put the .com after it. It is perfectly legal for you to import it without a prescription also.