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Reverse Transformation


I was apart of the get ripped crowd, that abs were all I really cared about. So i lifted when i needed to, ran long distance all the time, and did crunches in between sets of everything. I got ripped and all but i was small.

Semesters at college took their toll, lots of drugs and drinking and i could never lift consistently. Finnally i started to hear of Joe defranco's training and I'm a little on point now, carrying alot of extra fat, but im learning how to lift with intensity and not worrying about my abs.

Here is what i started at lean


heres a front pic of my sloppyness now


back shot now


my appetite not a question


They let you eat without a shirt on in that pizzeria?




You got fat? Did you get stronger at least? Where's the legs can't you read?


I don't think the idea is just to get fatter dude...


im getting alot stronger now, i have legs pics ill post


I don't either, but according to what is posted that is all that has happened so far. That's why he should post stats and more pics etc..


How much did you weigh in the first shot? How tall are you?


first shot I was about 155, the new pics are im about 195

squat - 225x5
bench - 215x5
deadlift -280x5

I used to cut by eating chicken with rice cakes and peanut butter every meal.

Im on ws4sbIII right now and i like the program.

Consistency is my biggest problem now especially in college, But after watching the STRONG documentary i realize to get my ass movin and lift some weight


I haven't had pizza in, Oh... 13-14 months. kinda making me a little jealous


Sorry man.. I can see how you'd think I was replying to you... That statement was directed towards the OP... kind of qualifying your statement... :slightly_smiling:


Oh ok I see now, my bad lol.


Also, now that I see some stats, that Bench is kinda up there but the squats should be much higher along with the deads. Remember that that shit is like a full body workout. Deads and squats, all mothafucking day (not literally). But, you have made progress.


Your arms do actually look a bit bigger but you have some weird fat thing going on.

Pizza isn't a good bodybuilding food by the way


first things first-why not get some toppings on your pizza??

it seems to be missing the chicken,bacon,peperoni,vegetables etc

second-why photoshop out ur face in 1 pic but then not bother in the next pic?

third-photos of pizzas are not supposed to be rated-this isnt fat basterds anonymous

add some real pictures and people will give real ratings


How can i get big leik you tell me ur secret


whats wrong with loads of carbs with loads of fat/saturated fat most likely right before you go to bed?