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Reverse T3- Why It's Not Useful for Routine Thyroid Testing

What is everyone’s thoughts on this?

I am on the verge of deciding for my treatment depending on my high RT3 and just saw this article.

It is useful for repeat thyroid testing, but is the most costly test available and doctor don’t want trouble from insurance companies. rT3 testing is three times more costly than fT3 or fT4 tests.


I had high rT3 and brought it way down with T3 only meds. I feel tons better.


Are you still on T3 only or did you switch to NDT?

Can you also give details on your dose and your thyroid levels before starting?


So why would a lab write such an article? It doesn’t really make sense.

RT3 was 24. I am on 75mcg of cytomel. Brought it down to 14 which you want to be under 15. 8-10 is ideal. I am still on it. You don’t want a T4/T3 med as T4 is converted into rT3.

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How are you feeling now on the cytomel? Vs how you were before cytomel? Curious to know what difference it makes

Better. More energy.

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I started treating my high Reverse T3 when it came back at 24.

A few months of Cytomel, it came down to 13 but I didnt feel that much better so I tapered off. A few months later I checked it again and it came back at 13 still.

My TSH did go from an average of 2.5 to 1.2 though.

Why do labs continue lowering our T Max range. It was 1200 last year now 900? It was 1500 a decade ago and now 900. That’s a massive drop.

They are in cahoots with someone. Surely it has to do with insurance companies. The less people that can be tested the less insurance has to dish out.

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After that you didn’t start any other thyroid med right?
You just lowered your RT3 with Cytomel and you stopped?

What about your FT3? How was that affected while you were taking Cytomel?


It’s quite a misleading article then…

Because Lab Ranges are simply based on the population result. The more people that draw blood with low T, the lower the lab range will drop. Lab Ranges are not the same as Functional or Optimal ranges. Lab ranges are just an average spread of results based on the population - good, bad, or indifferent.
This results in PCPs that gloss over your labs and dismiss results that don’t flag high or low against the Lab Range. You may be sub-optimal for years with your doc telling you you’re good. Educate yourself on the functional or optimal side. If your doc insists you’re fine when you know you’re well outside of the functional range, time to find a better doc…

Yes I agree and don’t forget that the latest 900 drop is from the same study author who found men have lower Hormones than ever before. He uses the same study to say this is our new normal.

Getting rediculous.

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How did Cytomel affect your TSH? My TSH went from 0.668 to 1.02 from TRT. RT3 went from 40 to 25. Doc gave me Cytomel. Took my first one today and made me anxious. Could be placebo. I’m depressed and anxious on TRT. Hope this helps and I get dialed in.

I’m afraid for my TSH. It 1.02 after TRT and was previously 0.668. Doc gave me Cytomel cause RT3 was 25 and TRT brought it down from 40

It’s going to make you feel a little weird the first week or two until you get used to it.

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Almost everyone will respond negatively to varying degrees on exogenous hormones whether testosterone or T3.

I definitely anxious in T3. Took it first time today. Been in on TRT and can’t seem to feel good for longer than a few week max

That doesn’t tell me much. How much T3 are you taking as well as TRT?