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Reverse T3 Dominance (WTS)


Can I ask if anyone has had any sucess using T3 to restore a lowered metabolism as the result of RT3 dominance due to excessive dieting? (Wilsons Temperature Syndrome)

I believe this may be the key to my low testosterone as I have recently been charting my temperatures and I am consistently below 36 degrees C but my TSH, T3 and T4 are fine.

I havent been able to get RT3 itself tested yet.


taking t3 helped lower my RT3, but my high rt3 was not caused by dieting.

check out thyroid-rt3.com.

Wilsons syndrome has supporters and detractors. I think he is in the right general area, but missed on some of the specifics.


I have read that link thank you, it is good information.

Were you able to wean off thyroid meds once your RT3 was lowered, or are you hypothyroid and needed them anyway?

Can you link me to any studies that show RT3 can cause low Testosterone? Or is that just a given as a result of hypothyroid symptoms eg. low metabolism


My T3, T4, RT3 and TSH are all fine yet my afternoon temperature hovers around 97.5, or so.

I personally don't think it is as diagnostic as others do. As with all things related to the body, there is always a degree of individual variation.


How is your cortisol and iron?


ok.... just to confirm we are on the same page, you are stating that you have blood tests showing your RT3 is under 12, your FT3 is 3.3 to 3.8, your TSH is under 1, AND your body temp maxes out at 97.5? The reason I ask is that your definition of "fine" and the definition of "ideal" could be two very different things... you may think your tests are fine because they show within the so called "normal" lab range, but are actually far from ideal and are in fact showing you that you do have a thyroid issue that needs to be addressed.

that being said, yes there are other systems that impact body temperature and yes, there is always a degree of individual variation, but Thyroid is one of the main drivers of metabolism, and metabolism is a main driver of body temps.


Do you mind me asking what your RT3 was caused by out of interest Pure Chance? Are you still on thyroid meds?


TSH: 1.12 [0.450-4.500]
FT4: 1.40 [0.82-1.77]
FT3: 3.8 [2.0-4.4]
RT3: 165 [90-350]
RT3 Ratio: 23 [>20]
Iron: 134 [40-155]

Iron is as of early September, the rest are early November.

I don't have cortisol numbers though symptoms have markedly improved since I boosted pregnenolone, DHEA and tweaked thyroid levels.

Body temp hasn't really changed from before treatment to now.


I am taking 10mcg T3 every morning right now.

no idea what caused my high RT3 (was at 40 at one point), I think it was due to low ferritin/iron and low cortisol (my cortisol test results over the last three years range from 5.5 to 11 @ 8am when the ideal is > 15).

I was on 40mcg T3 daily at one point and had my RT3 down to 12, then I experienced an overall decline and new symptoms, so I cut back thinking I was overdosing on T3, but couldn't find the right balance, so I stopped both cortisol and T3... and my RT3 climbed back up (back to 27 - not as high as it use to be, but not good either).

I then started on the 10mcg T3 only in the morning and seem to be doing ok right now.... not great, but not terrible either.

I am also taking 10mg SR HC at night, and 5mg SR HC at 7am and 1pm. My saliva cortisol test showed my lowest level in the am. The HC disrupts my sleep slightly, so I am also taking 1-2mg Melatonin and I am sleeping great now.


glad to hear you seem to have it under control somewhat, my cortisol doesn't look quite as bad as yours:

Sample1: 17.9 nmol/l (12-22)
Sample2: 5.3 nmol/l (5-9)
Sample3: 3.4nmol/l (3-7)
Sample4: 0.5nmol/l (1-3)

DHEA Mean: 0.87 nmol/l (0.40 - 1.47)
DHEA : Cortisol Ratio: 3.21 (2-6)

Although it does obviously drop below range on Sample 4.

If the Wilsons temperature theory is correct then you may have experiened those symptoms as your body cleared the RT3 from the receptors allowing the body to better utilise T3 and therefore your dosage made you hyper. Not sure if I'm understanding it correctly but I think thats right.

I'm awaiting ferritin labs back at the minute.