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Reverse Rant!

Heh, well for a new spin on a rant, I will post a hypothetical rant from two frat boys who were laughing at me in the gym last night.

Frat boy #1 Dude, look at that kid over in the corner (giggles).

Fart Boy #2 WTF? what is that moron doing, thats not how you do a lateral shoulder raise.

Fart boy #1 still staring at me all be it in the mirror, like I can’t see him looking and laughing.

Fart boy #2 then goes into what the proper form of the lateral shoulder raise is and demonstrates several times, hoping I would overhear him and maybe save myself the embarresment.

Can anyone guess what I was doing?..

One arm dumbell snatches!



on a side note, right after dumb and dumber walked away I noticed 5 count them 5 hot little chicks mozie on over from the treadmill farm and immediately hop on all of the equipment surrounding my area. Coincidence? or is it possible that they are interested in this strang kid and his strange excercises? He isn’t like the other boys who bench and curl all day.

Vegita ~ Prince of all Sayajins

one of the girls probably farted and they had to clear out the area to avoid detection.

I think the hotties love the unknown man. Works every time!

(Fuck abercrombie wearin’, hip-thrust curlin’, Cell-tech drinkin’ Frat boys!)

If often thought about situations like this. I get looks and glares from others in the gym regularly, when I do lesser known exercises.

I have to wonder if it’s curiosity or them thinking I’m stupid. I’m sure what they are thinking is directly related to their experience level and range of open-mindedness(?). Not that it really affects me either way.

Occassionally, someone will walk up and ask questions, but I usually just get, “What muscle does that work?” It doesn’t really bother me because as little as 5 or 6 years ago, I might have asked the same thing. I only get bothered when without knowing anything, someone discredits what I’m doing.

On the same lines, we often have our stupid-gym people and squat rack curls rants, so I wonder if these newbie experts go home and complain about how stupid we look “sitting down in between squats.” Then they laugh at us doing bench presses on the floor when we “could have worked in on the bench if [we] just asked.”

Anyway, I don’t really get that upset becuase the ones that don’t have an open mind are usually the ones out of the gym within an year. The ones that actually try to learn something new are the ones that really want to make progress. So, feel free, ask me why I do chinups with towels and/or big rubberbands. Besides, most of started lifting the same way with the same mindset. And eventually someone has to teach them more.

The only reason that me of 5 years ago wouldn’t have kicked me now out of his gym is because he’d be outweighed by 50 lbs!

In the next 5 years I hope to be doing even stranger exercises and, hopefully be another 50 lbs heavier.

Thank god for t-nation.
Regards BJ

I once had someone walk up to me shaking their head,explaining that i was doing my deadlifts wrong, and anyway, they dont build muscle!!! He weighed about 90lb… iwas stood there at 5"7, 245lb and lifting 520…if deadlifts dont build muscle, where the hell did it come from???

About two weeks ago I was finishing my 4th giant set on Meltdown Training I. I laided down on the floor to rest and this woman walks up and leans over me. I remove my headphones as she says “getting your heart rate up that much is not good for you.” Maybe, maybe not. Thing is this woman probably weighed 250 lbs. If I wasn’t having such a hard time catching my breath, I would have laugh at her.

these two little fellas (college age) were doing skullcrushers with a 60lb e-z bar. the one chode does his set of like eight…barely, not to mention the terrible form, gets up and tell his partner, “man that felt easy this week” and turns to the mirror and, in complete seriousness, starts flexing his tricep in the mirror. i was laughin so hard. i’m not trying to bash on small guys cuz heavy and light is different for everyone but if you’re only using 60lbs. pry shouldn’t boast and flex about it.