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Reverse Pyramid Training


hi i am new here in t nation society i am into fitness
my question is about how to progress with reverse pyramid training?


A double-progression model means you increase the weight on the bar only when you hit the top of a given rep range. You first increase the reps, only then you increase the weight.

Each set has it’s own rep range (depending on the workout routine) and they are increased independently. When you reach the top of the rep range in a given set, you increase the weight in that set with the smallest plates available (usually 2.5 lbs). The increased weight sometimes results in you losing 1 rep in that set. That’s normal and now the target is to reach the top of the rep range again.

Let’s see an example for bench press:
Workout 1

120 lbs x 4
110 lbs x 6 (120lbs – 10%)
100 lbs x 7 (110lbs – 10%)

In this example we’re at the bottom of the rep range in all our sets. Our target now is to add one or more reps to either one of the three sets.

Workout 2

120 lbs x 4
110 lbs x 7
100 lbs x 8

Nice! We managed to add one rep to both our second and third set.

Workout 3

120 lbs x 5
110 lbs x 8
100 lbs x 8

This time we got one extra rep in our top and second set. In our second set we’ve reached the top of the rep range which means we’re going to add weight in that set the next workout (the smallest plates available).

Workout 4

120 lbs x 5
115 lbs x 7
110 kg x 10

We lost one rep in our second set with the new weight. That’s ok. But look, we got 2 extra reps in the third set and reached the to p of the rep range. We’re going to increase the weight in that set in our next workout.

can u tell me how to complete the progress according to the example above ?
i really liked this methods but i want to understand it fully
plz complete the workout example above untill your reach to change the weight in the first set
i am confused :sweat:


Just milk the weights a little longer. You will just not go heavier on any of your sets tell you hit all your rep ranges with the weights you are using then add weight on all three sets at the same time from there. So workout 4 hopefully you get x8 at 115lbs. Then on the next workout you add weight to all three sets and reset. Once you get 6-8-10 on those weights you add weight again.


this seems like micro loading
is it ?


5 secrets if building muscle by CT.

Article on this site.

Read it a few times. Should answer a lot of questions.