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Reverse Pyramid Training

i using reverse pyramid training (RPT) 6-8-10 and upper/lower body split

if i use below

mon: lower body RPT 6-8-10
tue: upper body RPT 6-8-10
thurs: lower body all heavy 6-6-6
fri: upper body all heavy 6-6-6

is it good? or i just stick all RPT on all days?

Number of sets per muscle group?

give it hell. Use this approach and add weight progressively. If you exhaust the ability to add weight in a set rep range, change the rep range. That or change the exercises.

I am going back to a minimalist routine and am enjoying strength and hypertrophy gains. The only twist is, once I get stuck and cant add weight in a rep range, instead of adding weight and lowering the reps, I am doing the just the opposite.
it all works, just not forever.