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Reverse Pyramid Training: Progress each set independently or not?

I’m currently training using a Reverse Pyramid method.

I tend to train with 4 sets per exercise and reduce the weight by 10-15% for each subsequent set, whilst adding reps. For example: Set 1) 100x6 , Set 2) 90x8 , Set 3) 80x10 , Set 4) 70x12.

Basically, how should I progress with this? Should I focus on making sure I get 6/8/10/12 in all 4 sets and only then increasing weight by a small increment the next week?

Or would you suggest progressing each set independently of each other? For example, if I got something like 5/7/10/12 then the last 2 sets would be increased in weight as I reached the required rep range, although the first 2 sets would stay as they are due to only getting 5 and 7 reps.

Any help I can get with this would be massively appreciated, as I have asked the same question elsewhere and nobody seems to know the answer, most likely due to RPT being quite a rare type of training method.

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