Reverse Pull-Up

What i would love to know is about reverse pull ups, sadly where ever i look they seem to give the same simple info about where it targets but not how it can help. Does anyone know if this method creates a big impact on definition or create minimal strength. I do these one arm too with my leg spread out and sometimes additional weights. Could this create some kind of strength that would help towards my punching or lifting?

P.s Anyone know a good supplement for bone structure? Making them stronger and healthy. I seem to have a slight problems with my bones. They seem to crack if i add just a little bit of pressure. But i don’t feel any form of pain yet. I hope this time i posted this thing in the right place.

Thanks you :smiley:

Calcium is good for your bones.

When you say cracking, do you mean your joints (like cracking your fingers) or stress fractures?

The former isn’t something to be really worried about.

i looked up reverse pull ups and looks like there is more than one way to perform the exercise. Which way do you do it?