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Reverse Mini Band Setup Check Please

Time to start hitting some heavy singles this week. Going to be using reverse mini’s occasionally for squats. Can I get a check on my set up here? Video from my last training cycle:

It looks like I’m not getting much from the bands as they hang free for about half of my ROM. Watched some other videos on Youtube and it looks like other people set them up to get considerably more tension at the bottom. Thoughts? Should I double them? Thanks!

Try puting them on the outside of the plates it should take up the extra slack

Thanks @Vincepac1500. I had avoided doing that because the location of the band attachment would probably cause the bands to come in contact with the weights instead of pull straight up. But i suppose you are right, I doubt that would affect anything.

I doubt the light bands are going to help you much. I have done squats with both chains and bands in the past and I ditched the red bands right from the beginning.

I have gray average bands but i think those would take off way too much at the bottom. I had a coach program me with these I think mostly to ease in to heavier weights and feel my attempts on my back, so I think his whole idea was to not have SO much subtracted at the bottom, just kind of get an additional boost.

You need to choke them more. You could double them up if you like. Though based on what I’m seeing the best thing would be keep them tied where they are, then go up and over and back down the top square piece.

That will eat up some of the slack. I aim for right about at lockout the bands to only take off the weight of the bar. With this setup you’re getting 0 benefit of the reverse bands.

Yeah, I kinda figured that. I like your suggestion and will try that and see how it goes. Going to work up to about 95% tomorrow for a single so the reverse mini’s will help me ease into the heavier weights.

Agree bands are loose
I put them outside the plates.
I would add you have them well a lined front to back so they are not pulling you forward or back.
Not an exact science , but I like them so there is very little slack on the bands at the top, some tension,so the don’t slide , then overload from your max


Used @corstijeir’s suggestion and flipped them over the rack once. Hit 455 for a smooth single today with the reverse mini’s - my first time in wraps. Thanks guys!

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Looks better, now next time move the bands back so that way when you walk out the bands aren’t pulling you forward, they will be pulling the bar slightly back when in the rack but once you walk back they will be straight up and down.