Reverse Lunges and Good Mornings Soreness Question

When I do reverse lunges, I get so sore that I can’t work out my legs until friday, and even then I am still a bit sore. And with good mornings, my hamstrings get very sore as well. I tried using step ups this week and my legs are way less sore. I guess my question is, are there benefits to having this much soreness as far as strength? I feel like a lot of the soreness comes from the muscles being stretched so much rather then the muscle being used. Should I switch to things that make me less sore?

The more the muscle is stretched, the more it is used. That’s how your body works. You’re sore because your body isn’t used to doing them. Keep doing them, get stronger at them.

How long have you been doing reverse lunges/GMS? usually your body gets used to the exercise and doesn’t get as sore after a while.

Doing less volume would help of course.

You could also do some active recovery between leg workouts. Anything to get the blood flowing would help really - foamrolling, easy elliptical work, etc.

You could certainly switch exercises, but I’m not sure step ups are an ideal substitute as I don’t think they’re as hamstring-focused as reverse lunges or GMs.

Ive personally found that I’m less sore when on creatine, so that is something to consider if you haven’t already.

I find that higher reps (8+) give me soreness.

I get sore EVERY TIME I do them. I do 1 or 2 sets of 6 for each leg. I’ve been doing reverse lunges for a long time and still get sore every time. Yes I increase weight, but even if I use the same weight for a month, I’ll be very sore. I have no idea why.