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reverse hypers

Thanks to everyone concerning the replies on GPP. I decided to get an old tire and rig a sled. I’am glad I did. I can’t do it around the block…too many hills. I go to the highschool near my place… big parking lot… works well.

Another question if you guys don’t mind. I want to try out reverse hypers, but know gym in my vicinity carries one. So, I want to try out John’s suggestion on leaning the body over something suspended. Has anyone tried that idea? Is their a way to attach weights to your ankles for added resistance? I thought about attaching db’s by way of chains looped through a adductor/abductor ankle cuff (or whatever those are)… any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanx again.

Jeff Caldwell

i used to use a regular hyper bench and straddle a buynch of ankle weights and/or bands to try to stimulate a reverse hyper. i finally broke down and bought one and you just can’t simulate one any other way. i’ve seen pictures of people who try rigging one with chains and stuff, but i now know it can’t compare. excellent investment. pete

When you say reverse hyper do you mean The “scorpian” Roll over a swiss ball and press your chest to the ground and kick you legs as far forward as you can. If you have hills in your neighborhood you will love wheel barrow walks.

For the reverse hyper try leaning over the opposite way on a hyperextension piece. Your face will be down by where your feet usually would lock in place. Place a dumbell in between your legs and raise up. Also you could get somebody to give you some manual resistance on the back of your legs when raising up.

Try doing them on a stability ball.

There is an article on T-mag which states that the swiss ball is no good for reverse hypers (as far as strength and speed go) and it is only really good for rehab.

i do my reverse hypers off a dumpster in the back of my gym. I am sure the scropin roll is good for pre-hab as well as rehab