Reverse Hyper?

My gym doesn’t have the machine so I’ve been doing them on a pull up bar station (don’t ask). I’ve experimented elsewhere (attics, truck beds, rooftops, trees etc) but nothing really works well (or is practical) once I add weight.

what I want to know is how other people are improvising- I know there must be an easier way but I’m too much of a meathead to figure it out;)

also what is the next best exercise for hip extension?

Thanks a lot

I use a Roman chair. At least I think that’s the name, it’s usually used for regular hyperextensions or confused newbs trying to do crunches.

If you didn’t mind a shortened ROM you might try laying perpendicular across a bench and anchor yourself by holding onto a dumbbell. That’s the best I can think of right now.

There’s lots of exercises for hip extension, things like Romanian deadlifts, good mornings, cable pull-throughs… Glute-ham raises are your best bet for hitting the hamstrings by method of knee flexion. I haven’t quite figured out a way to do those however, the incline sit-up bench just doesn’t lend itself easily to my purposes.

I personally reverse myself on a glute ham machine. For resistance, I tie a band to the bar the holds up the footplate on the glute-ham then twist it in a secure fashion around my ankles.

Seems pretty effective to me considering.

Jack up an incline benc a bit and then prop the foot of it on the upper part of a dumbell rack… Secure it in place with some dumbells and you have a surface close to paralell to the floor to do reverse hypers on. If you need weight you can hold a dumbell between your feet.

Another option is taking a board or bench back (some kind of flat surface) and elevating it with the pins in a powerrack.

Ball State has a good variation of the glute ham raise exercise using a board and a lat pulldown machine. I’ve also seen it done with a flat bench and a lat pulldown machine.

here’s the link:

thanks a lot guys

it just occurred to me that you could also use a preacher curl bench

yo i found this killer way of doing hypers, u jsut take one of those balls n lie with ur stomach on it and ur feet against the wall, its good cuz u can position urself so that at the bottom the movement ur spin is curved over the ball n u really target the lower bak, also its great for the stabilizers and u have a greater ROM, try it n c