Reverse Hyper

Unfortunately a reverse hyper machine is beyond my current budget and since the gym i go to isnt going to get one soon i was wondering what ye think of this as an alternative.

Firstly i would get a bench made that would consist of a top and 2 sides

I would put this in front of the low cable row machine and run a rope through the ends of the bench so that it comes out the other side. Then id put a belt around the rope. I would lie on top of the bench, my legs would hang off the end and i would be able to use the weight stack on the low cable pulley as resistance.

I have never seen a reverse hyper, only in a picture, how do u think this alternative would work.

Id much appreciate any thoghts

It’s hard to picture this without seeing actual pics, but I think you have the right idea. You might need to get a taller bench, though, to make sure the cable doesn’t contact the bench as you extend your legs.

Also check out this video clip from Brad Cardoza’s website(see the “Stones and Tires” thread). He demonstrates his version of a one-legged reverse hyper. While, not quite as good as an actual reverse hyper, it is a usable substitute.

Get creative,

Man there is no alternative to a reverse hyper, no matter what any one says. With that being said, dont think that the reverse hyper. is a magical pill and without it, you will cease to make gains. Never let the lack of a certain piece of equipment get you down. Still the reverse hyper. is one of the greatest “machines” ever.

Good Luck and Get Strong!!

Mr Cardoza uses an effective sub for the lack of a RH machine. Tried it, got funny looks, but who cares about hamstrings right? just got to adapt to your surroundings, even the equipment has to adapt. there were strong people before the RH machine and Mr Cardoza has his own way to strengthen the area. Puts another good use to the pulldown/pushdown station.