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Reverse Hyper: What is Your Protocol?


Got a Reverse Hyper a Year Ago to Recover and prevent future back injury. I do 80 IBS 4 sets of 10 five days a week.

What is your protocol: How much IBS do you swing and how many days a week? I am looking to build a really strong lower back with it, No idea how to do that. I have watch lots of videos, no mention of any protocols. Thanks

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I use it 1 to 2 times a week for 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps with as much weight as I can manage while maintaining form.

Ditto @T3hPwnisher

The exact same, actually.

@antihero1492 - You could try doing 4x8 with a weight, then 3x12 with the same weight, then upping it and repeating. Maybe something like that.

Thanks. So twice a week to increase weight. Do you use your for rehab at all?

Thank you. Have you found it made a big difference trying to increase the weight vs doing it daily? I have one at home.

I have one at home too, but have never tried to do them daily.

No, I’ve never had a back injury. My buddy did though and it helped him after like 5 uses.

I just use mine for strength, but imagine I’d do something similar for an injury.

@T3hPwnisher - I was reading through your old log the other day - I just found it and was reading while you were still rehabbing your knee. Haven’t finished it yet. Weren’t you doing like 100 reps or so at a time with really light weight?

Bodyweight, yeah. Might’ve thrown 20lbs on it at some point.

Any reason you’d think that’s a good idea to add into training, or did you only do it since you had been injured? (The high reps)

And your log’s been really interesting and inspiring. I’m still in 2016 so still not even sure of what you’re currently doing, but just your mindset and how you worked around an injury has been an inspiration to me. Once I’ve gotten my strength back up and find a Strogman comp. to join, definitely gonna have some questions for you.

Thanks man. Means a lot that you are reading through it. Definitely hit me up if you have questions.

The bodyweight high rep stuff was just something I did because of injuries. As soon as I could add weight, I did, and didn’t go back.

That’s what I assumed. Thanks a bunch, and yes, I’ll let you know if I need help!

@antihero1492 - So do you have an idea of what approach you will be taking?