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Reverse Hyper Technique


my gym recently got the reverse hyper and I was wondering why people swing when they do it? In terms of injury prevention and functionality aren’t that hamstrings designed for eccentric stress?

Some coaches are critical of the good morning and the deadlift for shearing forces on the lower back but I feel the swinging reverse hyper is just as if not more dangerous as you are swinging the weight while decompressing the spine at the same time.

It just seems that it should be done under control and I prefer the alternating leg version which is in my opinion the best glute exercise ever.


Another exercise that people aren’t critical of is the forward lunge. The squat is way safer than moving weight forward dynamically.

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Lastly ty for showing the chinese row. My gym just got this bench and its the best back exercise I’ve done.

That chinese / Seal row bench is awesome!

For the reverse hyper, Louie himself recommend the more rhythmic almost swinging motion (kinda like a KB swing) and if a guy knows reverse hypers it’s Louie, he invented for God’s sake!


If the load was hanging on the leg I might agree but with the reverse hyper there is no vertical loading at the bottom. I think it would biomechanically no more dangerous than sprinting or jumping.


Ive been reading about your keto experimenting. When i went keto it got way better when i added 1/4 cup of fermented red cabbage with breakfast and dinner. Just google health benefits of red cabbage and when it ferments it is even better.

I stopped the experiment. I’ll post about it Tuesday

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