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Reverse Hyper Question


So there's a reverse hyper at my school weight room. I'm the only one who uses it because nobody knows what the fuck it even is. The baseball team is in there all the time (Why they're in there, I don't know) and they think it's something to sit on. So I have to shoo them away and get into my sets. Then the baseball kids proceed to laugh whenever I'm about half way through my set because the 45's fall off of one side.

Anyway, to get to the point, the reverse hyper is a piece of shit. I'm not sure what company it's from, but it's definitely not from Louie or EFS. They would never sell something like that. When I'm about three quarters of the way through my set, the 45's start to fall off of the right side. This never happens on the right side. I worked up to 360 lbs for 12 reps today and I kept having to stop my set short to push the plates back onto the "bar." I tried to use a clip, but they're worn out and old so they have no tension to them anymore and they didn't hold. So is there anything I can do so I don't have to keep stopping half way through my set to make sure that the plates don't fly off?



Go to home depot or lowes and get a set of spring clamps and use them as the collars



First link to weightlifting clips I found. You might even want to use them for your barbell exercises. It's quite a seen when the plates shift off the barbell then get catapulted the other way.


bend the old clips back to normal


You can get 2 spring clamps at a hardware store for 2-3 bucks each.


Olympic screw collars


x2. Seem to last alot longer. I have some that were in high school for about 30yrs and they are still in safe condition. Not sure how they are priced.