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Reverse Hyper or Glute-Ham Raise?


I have money for just one, and I was wondering what everyone thought would be the best machine to buy. Off-hand, I'd say the glute-ham raise, but I'm not sure.

Thanks for the help..


I'd go for the GHR, yeah. I heard somewhere that the reverse hyper was considered by Westside to be more for warm-ups and recovery, while the GHR is more "important".


I agree with Minotaur 100%

GET THE GHR!!!!!!!!


Its hard to say, the GHR is more versatile as far as what you can do with it, but the Reverse Hyper is a unique movement thats hard to replace. I would take the Reverse Hyper if it was up to me.


GHR because it works the muscles more completely. The GHR will work the hamstrings at both ends while the RH will only work at the glute-ham tie in... Plus if you need weight, just hold onto a plate and if you're going to buy one, check out the ones at Elite FTS which is Dave Tate's site. They have GHR that have band attachments!

Good luck. I'm jealous. I told my gym i'd buy one if they let me keep it there, but we can't because of insurance reasons. If I want to use either one, i'd have to go to another gym in the area, but then again it might be worth the travel time for leg day...


you're set ups might be good but its really hard to duplicate real GHGs and reverse hypers. the best way to simulate GHGs is with a pommel horse and gymnastics ladder because thats how they originated.

Best way to simulate reverse hypers.... get a reverse hyper... One of the keys to a reverse hyper is being able to swing the weight and reversing it at the bottom.

I'd go with the glute ham because its probably the best way to work knee flexion. good mornings and pull throughs can take the place of hypers fairly easily.


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Get the GHR, it is more versatile than the reverse hyper as far as being able to do more movements on one machine.




GHR, you can also do back hyperextensions with it to work erectors.


supposedly the reverse hyper is great for prehab and getting fluids in there or something. I think a healthy back is a priority so I would go with the reverse hyper.




what brand of GHR and/or reverse hyper is recommended? I'm saving up for one or the other and I'm leaning towards EliteFT.

Mark Nilles


ghr no doubt


newyork-barbell.com has a combo piece of equipment that is both the reverse hyper and GHR. and i think in is around $700 something. I am personally considering this piece of equipment. Now I know it is not an Elitefts piece which im sure are better, but i dont have the money right now to get both from them. but you may consider this piece,and also the i was curious what everyone thought about this product as well.


thanks for the info, I'll check it out


I wouldn't recommend it. There are many "replicas" out there that don't work the way they should. So, you'd end up wasting $700. You get what you pay for. Check out the stuff from Williams Strength Products on ebay. It's what Elite uses.

Get the GHR. I asked Jim Wendler the same question. You can do a lot more with the GHR, including abs and back extensions. It's more useful. I was hoping to buy one for myself for Christmas, but because of my financial shit, I won't be buying one for a long time. But when I can, I'll get the GHR.


I have this unit and it works well. And it is much cheaper. (Price with shipping and handling = home GHR from eltitefts.com without S&H).