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Reverse Hyper on a Bench


Okay I've got a question for you innovative types. I've heard awesome things about reverse hyper machines. I workout at home and on a Youth Pastor's budget, it's not in the near future. But I want good, and efficient results. I've got a pretty sturdy Marcy Platinum blahblahblah Bench that inclines and is pretty well built for my strength levels and bodyweight.

Here's the question:

If I incline the bench and lay facedown so my legs are hanging off the edge would this be a sufficient alternative given my circumstance or would I be putting myself at too great a risk for injury with the extra range of motion?


I'm having trouble imagining this setup.

You could loading a barbell on the floor, face down, hooking your legs underneath it. The problem would be a lack of ROM. I might actually be thinking of a ghetto GHR though.

If you're able to safely work your lower back, then I suppose give it go. Make sure to take pictures.


I've got a Marcy Home Gym. It has a low pulley on it. I'd reverse the bench and use ankle straps. The point of the incline is to keep my feet from hitting the ground and give me plenty ROM. It would TOTALLY be a redneck/ghetto/jerryrigged GHR...


Yea .. you're thinking of a ghetto GHR ... op, I've done what you described before ... it's not the safest approach to doing reverse hypers, but I'd say give it a go ... see how sturdy your bench feels under your weight ... if it feels like you might bust your ass (or head) stop. Find an alternative. When I tried the incline bench approach to Reverse hypers I didn't feel like the bench was sturdy enough so I just didn't do em for a while. Good luck tho


I prefer good mornings to ghetto reverse hypers.

I also do good mornings on a regular hyper extension machine (probably one of my favorite exercises). You can't use much weight, I use 70-80 pounds, and it kills the posterior chain.


I already do Good Mornings. I trained with just 45lbs (the bar) for 4 weeks to make sure I had the form down. Last week I trained with 95lbs (3 sets of 15 reps) and it felt great.

I just got this feeling there HAS GOT TO BE SOME EXERCISE that is more efficient than laying on my back and "humping" air that can substitute...


What are you trying to accomplish with the reverse hyper? Are you looking for strength or using it more for active recovery?

For a while I did what I called Rack Humps. This could be top 5 gayest exercises ever, but it hit's the glutes pretty hard. I didn't have a Reverse Hyper either and was looking for a creative way to work my glutes. If you do them, be careful where you place the bands...

I have a GHR now, so I do Glute Ham Raises, but I also do Ghetto Reverse Hypers lying over the pad facing the wrong direction. Much like you described with the Incline Bench. Unless you can add weight (ankle weights, dumbell between the feet, etc.) you will outgrow them pretty quickly. But I do them the day after a hard lower workout just to get some bloodflow into my lower back.


Woah. Rack humps, never seen anything like it. That's genius.




Innovative idea!

But don't pullthroughs accomplish the same thing?


I've done reverse hypers off the bench and the limited range of motion isn't that bad.

A better alternative so to do them off a gravitron machine (assisted pull-up machine)if your gym has one. Put the pin at the max weight so the platform stays at the top. Put your stomach on the platform and I'm sure you can figure out the rest. You get a full range of motion so it's definitely better.


You can reverse hyper off a bench. Get yourself a physio ball, place it near the edge of the bench, get on top with your feet hanging off the edge of the bench and use your hands to hold yourself on. Gotta balance yourself, and you're not gonna be able to use much weight (DB between the feet?), but it should work for active recovery purposes.


Why don't you build something like I did?

I believe I spent $50 - $75 total. I've loaded it to 360 lbs and it has NO issues what-so-ever with support or safety.

Just get a pill b/c its uncomfortable at the top to say the least.


Wow that looks awesome. Can you post some more pics. This could add quite a few more exercises.


The basic structure of the reverse hyper.

As you can see, its very complicated.


The actual part which holds the plates.

All the I did was tighten them by hand, no epoxy or sealant or anything to keep it from unscrewing. They stay very tight just by twisting.


How the bar is attached: 1 or 5


2 of 5


3 of 5


4 of 5