Reverse Hyper Machine

Louie Simmons has a testamonial on the site.
But for $50?
Supposed to go up to 350#.

It is actually $500, but not worth it for serious lifters. That is more for the rehab/Home gym (that you don’t use) market.

A powerlifter would break that in a minute.


its $50 for a 30 day trial and then they auto bill you 49.95 for 10 months…yea not such a good deal.

I wonder how much Louie Simmons and Matt Wenning got paid to plug this “tinkertoy” reverse hyper? I was surprised to see them on there. Louie must be getting royalties from this product…smart business decision to reach those in the public that would never buy a serious reverse hyper for athletes from EFS.

I agree with what was said above. Any serious strength athlete would destroy this machine in one session.

By the way, I can’t believe they put the plate holder in the front. I hope they include a strong spring clip to hold those 10lb. plates.

Does it even have a place to load plates?

Dang I know Louis simmons is making some serious money right now from that I bet.