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Reverse Hyper Machine


I reciently moved home for the summer, and I subsequently lost access to the reverse hyper machine that I normally use. I was wondering if anyone had any pictures/plans to build a homemade machine? I'd love to buy one if at all possible, but I dont have the $1000+ at the moment to spend. Any help would be much appreciated!!


You can do them off a physioball, or off the end of a raised bench, as well. Be creative; I have heard people doing them off of the back of a pickup truck.



The ability to add resistance though is invaluable. I've never heard of anyone building their own, but hopefully someone can help you out.



The first one I ever saw was welded by a guy in Corpus Christi, Tx.

His name is Lynn and he's a great, helpful guy. I'm sure he would be willing to give you some ideas.

He owns U.S. Gym in Corpus.
(361) 992-4653


Along the same lines, out of all the different models that Elite has, which would be the best option for me? I remember reading that they were suitable based on your squat/dead weights, but can't remember where. Currently I can full squat around 250 (coming off a layoff, typically can do at least 315), and same goes for DL. Would the pro model with the straps be sufficient, or do I need the pendulum one?

Thanks in advance!


You'd need the cheapeast one they have.



hope this helps.


if i had it here, i would take pictures of the one i built.


Heres a few links to homemade machines.

Now, would anyone be willing to measure a reverse hyper for the specs? I would be interested in knowing the height, depth of the pad, length of the lever, ect. I'd appreciate any help once again!


PM Mertdawg. He had pictures of a really nice set up he made. It was from a few years ago, but I am sure he still has the pictures.



try this link for pitures of home made RH


The late J.V. Askem has a simple design. Try jva.ontariostrongman.ca/RLR.htm


Get a couple guys to train with and do some nordic curls or whatever they are called. No need to add resistance to those!

Get on your knees with your arms folded across your chest. Have one guy hold your feet down and another in front of you to catch you and help you get back up. Lower yourself forward as best as you can and then bring yourself back up to the starting point. I can't do a single one without assistance. Truly brutal and a nice way to get around spending an arse load of money on a machine.




It seems to me that this would be a replacement exercise for a hamstring curl machine, not a reverse hyper (where you want to work the glutes/lower back).


The variation I know is to use one of them big balls.

You dig your knees in one, secure your feet under some strong support (at home I put them under my couch) and voila, an almost as good GHR machine!

Beleive me it works!

You have a lot better range of motion than just someone holding your feet doing it on the floor, though that would be still a very good exercice.


Except the original poster asked about reverse hyper machines, not GHR machines.