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Reverse Hyper Machine

I’ve been looking to get one for my home gym, but the least expensive one that I could find costs a grand on elitefts.

Anybody have luck finding a quality one for cheaper elsewhere?

Also, they don’t seem too complex. Has anyone built their own?

The ones I have seen look pretty easy to build. Keep in mind steel is not cheap, but it is not going to be a grand either.

Got a power rack? PDA makes a nice reverse hyper attachment.

if you dont intend on moving it a lot, wood is easy and cheaper than steel…

[quote]TapHappy wrote:
Got a power rack? PDA makes a nice reverse hyper attachment.[/quote]

Where do you find PDA equipment? Did a search and came up with nothing.

PDA is at www.fractionalplates.com. Once you enter their site, click on “Rack Mounts” on the left hand side. They make top notch stuff, some of it very unique. Be patient with their site, as they’ve taken to giving their equipment names that give you no clue as to what the product actually is. The Reverse Hyper attachment is called the “Erector Set”.

Thanks fellas!

I actually found some guy in the area that was getting rid of his and sold it to me for $180. It’s nowhere near the quality of the ones in elitefts.com, but it should do.

He actually bought it from newyorkbarbells.com. It retails for $350.


Anyone have pics or plans of how to make a homemade one ??? Would be greatly appreciated. But my body doesn’t think so …But what does it know! heheh Thanks. Biodoc.