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Reverse hyper Machine

I have been thinking about purchasing a Reverse Hyper Machine for quite sometime now. I have been doing them on a standard Hyper-extention machine for about two years now, and i believe this exercise has been the staple of the improvements that i have mad over the years. The only prob is that the thing cost $1200, and i have a had time dishing that much out… at least at this point in my life.
And pretty much the only place you can find it is from Louie Simmons… who i might add is a legend… Anyone ever run into one cheaper anywhere. I have been looking for a used one with no previal. thanks

I am not sure how handy you are, but if ou examine the pictures carefully you can most likely make one out of wood. This way you can see if it is really what you want, before you shell out big bucks. Also a well built wooden one will allow you to handle a fair amount of weight. Best of Luck.

Hey so how do you pull off the reverse hyper on a regular hyper-extension machine? I just bought a hyper extension machine and I was planning to use that also for reverse hypers if it was possible? Currently i do it with laying a board across my cage (no weights currently). I do plan as old lifter said to build one out of wood. It seems to be a simple process to make one. The key it to make a wooden or buy (if possible) a pivot system by which the bar and weight hang from. But im a few weeks or months away from building it just yet.

I’ve got to send Veggaman an email to find out where he got his. From some guy in SC, I think. He saved some bucks. He just lugs it to the gym . . . along with his chains, bands and other powerlifting equipment. It’s a padded board that’s used on the Power Rack (if that’s the right name), where you do your squats? You can load it up with as much weight as you could ever hope to handle. I’ve never used Louie’s patented machine, but the one Veggaman has works great.

Where do you live? I might be able to hook you up with a hyper bench at 1/3 the price.