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Reverse Hyper: Machine vs. No Machine


Looking for the next addition to my home gym. I've considered a reverse hyper, but given the steep price tag, I was curious if there is a clear, noticable difference in benefits between using a real reverse hyper vs the "DIY" methods others use (plywood laid across the power rack, other end of a GHR, laying on a flat bench, etc).

Anyone have any experience with either?


IMO the other methods duck and ate a waste of time.

Personally, I'd get a ghr first and not worry about a reverse hyper. I think you'd get more versatility.


I already own a GHR dude. I've done some reverse hypers by facing backwards on the GHR, and it feels intense, but I literally don't know what I'm missing as I've never actually used a reverse hyper.

Thanks for the input about the other methods. I found a cheapo RH knockoff from newyorkbarbells, and I've had good luck with their equipment (I think it helps that I'm a 198er), so I may just put aside some money and sweet talk the Mrs.


I DIY using iron boots I got from atomic athletic and a high combo of stacked flat benches. Works great.


As in, it works great compared to your experience with the machine?


I have used a real deal west-side barbell RH on several occasions. (the strap kind) I have also built my own "Redneck rev hyper" attachment for my EFS 2X2 rack. ( I can add pics later, I'm at work now...) Other than obvious cosmetic differences, comfort levels -ie, mine isn't as padded as Lou's, and weight limits of the 'machine' I can tell little to no difference in the feel of the movement.

If your low back is beat up all he time from squatting and such this will help you. Oh, and BTW I spent $68 on mine. So 1/10 the cost, 98% the benefit is a win-win for me. Mine is similar to this I guess only I get on mine in the front of the rack.


Hope this helps.


That's exactly the kind of post I was looking for, thanks man.