Reverse Hyper/GL Raise for OLing

This might not be the best place to ask (maybe someone could Chris Thibaudeau back in here), has anyone used reverse hypers or glute-ham raises as assistance exercises for the olympic lifts? How did they work? good/bad?

Nope, sorry. I focus on explosive good mornings instead. They’ve shot my back stregth up (since they’re a type of isometric strength exercise), but haven’t done my for my glutes/hams.

Ask over at or at since Chris T. (as well as lot of other OL’ers) hang there. I tried to get some of them to come here to answer OL quesions, but they didn’t seem too interested.

yes I’ve used glute ham raises for a supplementary exercise for the olympic lifts. They may help you if this is a weak part of your development as a lifter ie. if your glutes and hams are weak. This is a good exercise in general an so will benefit anyone who is in need of glute ham development. Many Weightlifting coaches underplay the contribution on the hams and upper body. I have found that doing glut ham raises and good mornings helped in keeping my butt down during the 3rd and 4th pull. Hope this helps.