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Reverse Hyper & Back Injuries

has anyone used a reverse hyper to help an injured back?

I used my own rig – imitating a reverse hyper,
and it took my back pain away 90%. When I
used it the next day it relieved the rest of
the pain.

It had been painful to even stand upright, let alone try to walk. I heard of Louie Simmons
website and went there to see if I could glean some kind of info to help me out. He described
how you could do something similar by lying down face down on a table with your legs
hanging down below the table. Your body is in a “L” shape.

I tied some weights to my ankles with a belt. The table has to be high enough to
swing your legs underneath the table so they
reach to where your head is - but underneath
the table. I had to find some 2 by 4’s and
lay them over a high counter and a ladder to get my body high enough off the ground.

It was unstable as hell, but I was in a lot of pain and willing to try anything.
Sounds Crazy but it worked. It made a believer out of me.