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If you've seen this before I apologize, but I thought this was pretty funny and wanted to share. Enjoy.


there are a couple other fuuny ones on there where they also mock T-Nation. check out the one with jim doing `kroc' pullups. classic. im sure most people on this forum wouldn't get the joke


I get the 'kroc' joke. I wounder if T-Nation will acknowledge the EliteFTS ripping on T-Nation. You gotta admit that the articles here make it seem like all we do is overreact to how the rest of the world only trains quads, chest, abs, and arms by us doing nothing but posterior chain work, pullups, rows, and shrugs that aren't shrugs.


I think the image is well deserved.


Kroc one was 10x better.


Bicep training is good


It doesnt end. Why do they think we're so wrong?


If you have to ask, you don't get it. I work with Dave and Jim. the nonsense about Kroc on here was a big source of amusement at the Elite party this year at the Arnold.

Most people here really miss the point of training. It's training, not arguing on the net, not hypothesizing, not speculating, theorizing, not worry about your balance of Chi or whether your pee is balanced with Mg and so on.

Back in the day training was like a relationship of apprentice, journeyman,and master. Now you have a lot of self titled experts that don't know dick.

But the best lessons are still learned in the gym. And before people start on the blah, blah you need to read stuff, I know, I'm a doctor. but books are different than patients and the net is different than the gym.


Probably because they are a bunch of world champion powerlifters, and 90% of the people probably don't have to time train with all the whining they do.


Hahahaha, so true.


That would've been funnier if he wasn't laughing the whole time...


LMAO, wait until the end. The cameraman get distracted.


Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Who is this Kroc guy anyway?


Ding Ding Ding Ding DING!!

Those new vids on Elite are probably my favourite thing on youtube.


no. try and keep up


Good post.

I think this video pretty much sums up their argument.

The videos of Kroc dry heaving in a bucket are awesome, too.


I agree but also disagree.

It does all just come down to lifting weight. No matter how good your program is, or what brand fish oil your taking, your not gonna get good results if your not consistently working hard.


For some, hard work isn't all thats needed. I would say that being dedicated to the point where you go on the internet and see what others have to offer, and commit to learning shows more dedication, then someone who just goes to the gym and lifts.

Also, if nobody ever read a book, or did research on the internet, then information would never travel, and we would never learn anything new, or at least not as much as we know now. The internet allows you to learn from others mistakes, and successes.

Also, theres always a differents between training hard and training smart. More is not always better. I think a lot of people on here are seeking optimal training. Some think its because we are lazy, while those that are similar to me, understand that you cant always go harder or do more, so you better be doing whats gonna work best.

The guys point about training for 12 years to learn is just ridiculous. Pick up a fucking book or learn to use the internet, and you can defintely cut that time down by 5-10 years.

Very ignorant IMO

But in the end, all the knowledge about training wont do you any good if you dont lift more weight. That should be the lesson of every article.... whatever you do, lift more weight, or the same weight more times, or the same amount of weight in less time....