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Reverse Grip/Regular Pushdown?

Do these hit the three heads differently? Also with pullups in general, because they’re such a great builder for the upper body and back would it be possible to simply keep the rep scheme changing and keep the exercise? Or should you still rotate and maybe just drop it out every once in a while?

The tricep is A grouping of muscles that performs A function. So regardless of the grip or excercise, as long as you are extending your arm at the elbow (ie any pressing motion) you are firing the triceps. If you are a relative beginer less than 2 yrs stick with basic pressing movements such as dips, close grip bench for the majority of your tricep works as all your heads will be firing. As for press downs, mix it up. I asked this same thing to a strenght coach at my gym and he simply said “mix it up.”

As for the pullups, if Ronnie, Arnold and (insert ur idol here) always do them, so should you. I personally would never drop them from any routine as it is the best excercize to get u the coveted bat wings (lat width).
If ur really bored of them, mix up your grips (close grip, pronated supinated, super wide etc) but dont totally eliminate them from any good back workout.

Also look up back routines on this websites to get a good idea of what you should be doing.