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Reverse Grip Pressing

Anybody do much reverse grip pressing?

Ive done a little bit of reverse grip pressing stuff lately. Namely some barbell curl+presses and some reverse grip incline bench.

For some reason this stuff feels flat out better\tighter compared to standard grip, i cant really handle as much weight, but i just feel like my back is contributing more to the movement and my triceps work harder.

Serious weak point though has to be in my hands, its harder to hold the weight properly with reverse grip even though i got long piano player fingers that can wrap around the bar very easily.

[quote]Field wrote:
Anybody do much reverse grip pressing?[/quote]
I’ve reverse-grip flat benched before (long ago though, not recently), never rev-grip inclined for any serious amount of time. I know The Mighty Stu is/was a fan of rev-grip seated militaries, but I’m not sure if he still is considering his recent shoulder problems. (I’m sure you could toss him a question in his Q+A thread in the Bodybuilding forum).

Flat bench was definitely much more tricep and just felt better on my shoulder. And my biceps were ridiculously sore after going through a shoulder workout with Stu and going hard on the reverse-grip military press. I chalk it up to their function as a stabilizer.

I think it’s at least partly because it just encourages a better elbow tuck, which can increase back and tri involvement.

Yeah, it can be awkward on the wrists. Kinda like front squats, it’ll improve with more practice.

dude, read what mauradermeat wrote in his tread “riding the line…”

As far as which exercise helps the other, the incline pressing definitely seems to be a bit more useful.